1942 Pacific Front-Tizen Mobile Game

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1942 Pacific Front is a turn-based action strategy game about military war. The game scene is during World War 2. This war is between the US Army and Japanese Forces where you choose your side and go to the mission to defeat the enemy.

You deploy your army near the Pacific Ocean and you lead your army to the battlefield. The gameplay of this game is awesome. The game view is the aerial view.

Use your own brains, find the best tactics and use your right troops to defeat the enemy. It’s all about how you use your Infantry, Tanks, Planes and Submarines so that they all together make a huge impact on the battlefield. That’d ultimately lead to your win.

The game gives you some extremely dangerous weapons like Torpedo and Bombs. You bomb the enemy buildings, underwater attack with Submarines and make way for the infantry.

The game is really challenging and has very detailed graphics. This game is paid. You have to shell out 65 INR to enjoy this game. If you like the review then you can buy it from the Tizen Store.

1942 Pacific Front’s action will keep you hooked. The game has so many details that it will call you back to accomplish the next mission. So download and enjoy the game.

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Gameplay 4/5 Graphics 4.5/5 Controls 4/5

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