4K Gaming and Fried Chicken Console.

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This console is so powerful that it can support real-time-ray tracing and VR. Still not satisfied? It also provides 240 fps at a refresh rate of 4k resolution. Now, this is a tasty-power-bucket. Though no one yet knows about the price or the release date or even if it’s a proper product or not but yes the company has truly made a beast.

We have always seen Microsoft or Sony competing amongst their consoles, but now there is a new beast bringing us a feast. KFC, the most famous fried chicken brand is now into making consoles.

Also not just some normal PlayStation or Xboxes, it’s making special consoles along with a special compartment for keeping crispy fried chicken in it side by side keeping it sizzling hot.

Not only is this the first time that a food company is making consoles but also the idea and way is very unique. The company started long back, being just a restaurant and nothing more.

From there KFC has traveled a long distance and also has got a lot of fame. KFC is famous for its variety and taste of chicken. As the name suggests, the company’s specialty is making fried chicken. Now the company has made a very uniquely designed gaming console, where you can game and have chicken together.

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KFC Gaming Console

This product is not only unique and useful but also powerful. This console has a core i9 9th generation processor. This is not where the power stops, it also has an NVidia RTX GPU in it. The body will be specially customized by Cooler Master as Cooler master NC100.  

What else you need? Storage? For this, the company has 2 terabytes of SSDs in it. Now the main feature, the console has a slide tray where you can keep your chicken pieces hot and crispy.


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