Action Indie Game for Steam PC-Metal Unit

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Metal Unit recounts a terrible story of human survivors and their fight against beasts and machines to recover control of their planet.

The Earth is under attack from all headings, with antiquated creatures arising out of underground and outsider machines dropping from space. The destiny of the planet remains in a critical state. However, you can help slant the chances by playing as Joanna, another officer equipped for wearing the amazing M-Unit suit. Follow Joanna on her epic excursion to save mankind. Also to seek retribution on her double-crossing sister that has waged war with the extraterrestrial society.

Key Features:

Activity Packed Battle System – You can run to sidestep foes. Go into all out attack mode and chain different weapon assaults together to perform obliterating combos. The wide of scope of a scuffle and went weapons available to you additionally give you definitive adaptability. This will allow you to take out foes any way you see fit.

Tremendous and Diverse Environments – You can decide to investigate the rambling surface of the planet or dig somewhere inside puzzling prisons. While going underground offers greater prizes that may come at a weighty cost…

Roguelite Elements – Upon death the game will change over all prepared things into lasting examination focuses. The focuses would then be able to be utilized to open new things and abilities. You will continually get weapons of differing utility and should adjust your procedure to coordinate your present gear.

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For All Players – The Assist Mode will permit you to redo your Metal Unit experience to suit your preferences. While players looking for exciting trouble will actually want to handle the Challenge Mode. They will stack chances against them as they endeavor to receive energizing new benefits.


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