Agent Action Best Casual Game for Android

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Agent Action Android Game Hero


Agent Action, a casual action game, is about a secret agent who has to defeat different evil people in order to save the world, but your main nemesis is Doctor EVILZ who’s planning to use nuclear weapons to destroy the world.

Agent Action developed by SayGames, is the best casual game for Android. It was released on the 22nd of May, 2020 and already has over 5 million downloads.

Shoot, tap, take cover and defeat all the evil in the world and foil Doctor EVILZ’s plan to destroy the world in this best casual game for Android.

The Gameplay of Best Casual Game for Android

Agent Action Android Game Gun Selection

Agent Action is a game that isn’t very difficult to understand, let’s start with the controls, in order to shoot bullets at opponents you have to just tap anywhere on the screen but this has to be done at the correct time or you’ll end up taking damage from enemy bullets.

You take cover and shoot at opponents using the huge variety of weapons available to you but you have to be careful about the bullets and once they are over then reloading the gun will take a little bit of time.

Now each mission has different multiple levels that you have to clear by defeating all the enemies on that level. Each mission will have a boss at the end and in mission. There are one or two levels where you can equip armor, or pick up an additional gun or restore your health.

But you can only choose one and the rest can be obtained by watching an ad. After every mission, you get some options to choose from guns, health and more. Once you select, it is available to use.

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Not only does this game have a lot of missions to do and also a plethora of weapons to choose from but this game also has customizable avatars each with their own special weapons.

With the latest update, the game has introduced newer bosses and weapons along with even more characters to choose from.

This game is definitely worth playing if you want to just relax and enjoy it.

The Graphics And Animation

Despite the simplicity of the gameplay of Agent Action, the game compensates with its colorful layouts and maps, along with the unique and quirky characters and weapons.

Each character available in the game has his or her own special weapons, abilities and also has their own unique outfits and looks. This feature made the game worth playing and grinding to unlock newer characters.

Even the bosses and the terrains for each mission were very well made and interesting, it was evident that SayGames put a lot of effort into its animation and the way the game looked.

In-App Purchases

Action Agent although available for free does have a lot of in-app purchases, nothing too expensive but the number of items and features that were behind the paywall was a lot.

Pros and cons

Agent Action Android Game Fight Scene

Although the game was fun to play, there were more than just a few things that were irritating and annoying. Some aspects of the game need some changes which we’ll talk about in our review.


  • Colorful and appealing graphics and designs.
  • The huge variety of weapons and characters available to choose from.
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  • The game has way too many ads, and that was one of the most frustrating parts of this game. Almost after every mission or level, there is another ad.
  • With the newer updates, more and more weapons are put behind a paywall.
  • The gameplay gets repetitive after a certain point as there isn’t much difference between the gameplay in the first mission and the fifth or sixth mission.
  • Although this wasn’t too much of a problem. Almost half of the things that you wanted to unlock were either only to pay to get or to watch multiple Ad videos. Which wouldn’t be much of a problem except as previously mentioned, the game constantly has pop up ads as well after every mission or level. That was a total turn off for many of the fans of the game.


Agent Action Android Game Bullets Firing

In conclusion, Agent Action for Android is just one of those games that you’d play for a while and once you get bored you wouldn’t wanna play it again. This game has a good feeling about it. It was enjoyable at first but in between excessive ads and repetitive gameplay somewhere the fun was lost very quickly.

Even though they try making the game more exciting by adding more missions, weapons and avatars, the problem of this game doesn’t lie there. I hope this game improves over time as it has just been released and looking forward to more updates and patches.

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