Amazing Cultivation Simulator Indie Game for Steam PC

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In a universe of legend and sorcery, the individuals who seek to interminability give their lives to the sacrosanct way of development. They assemble around groups, establishments which train their bodies, psyches and spirits to be worth interminable life. However, as a trade-off for such extraordinary force, you should watch the harmony among great and fiendishness – regardless of the expense.

Tragically, covetousness is inborn to human instinct, so it likewise blinds cultivators. Your lord didn’t understand until it was past the point of no return, and the Taiyi Sect caught fire for his error. Your siblings and sisters won’t ever be returned, yet the Taiyi Sect can in any case be reawakened from its remains. Its seeds are spread around Tiancang, sitting tight for you to discover them. This is the thing that your grandmaster would have needed. You should do it for him ─ and for each one of those we committed to secure.

Locational setting of Amazing Cultivation Simulator

Set in the anecdotal Tiancang period, Amazing Cultivation Simulator brings to you the wizardry of Asian folklore through a procedure game with solid xianxia subtleties, a Chinese scholarly type which is profoundly impacted by Taoist and Buddhist ideas, just as legends and conventional information on medication and hand to hand fighting. Its interactivity is enlivened by acclaimed games like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, just as The Legend of Shushan Swordsman and Martial Kingdoms.

As a grandmaster, you’ll take the Taiyi Sect back to its greatness days via preparing new students, gathering information and grow your space through trade and political collusions to acquire impact over different groups. Additionally, you should shield individuals from powerful risks like awful spirits, beasts and charmed ancient rarities.


Plan your own Cultivation faction without any preparation until it turns into an enormous otherworldly focus.

Deal with your school and understudies so they are upbeat and gainful for you.

Extend your spaces and meet new partners to turn out to be more impressive than different organizations.

Trade and communicate with different NPCs, yet be cautious – your activities will affect their conduct!

Keep the harmony among great and wickedness.

Examination and fill your library with an ever increasing number of wellsprings of spiritualist information, combative techniques, medication…

Quest for the most remarkable relics and curios.

Chase insidious monsters and devils that need to obliterate the world you need to ensure.

Live interesting playthroughs without fail: maps are arbitrarily produced for each run.

Find out about Chinese fantasies and legends, just as profound practices which draw from Taoism and Buddhism.


Yaoguai Awakening: As Qi, energies resurge across the terrains, the Yaoguai at last re-visitation of the human domain. Edified monsters start development of their own, hankering a more extended life, however they actually can’t get away from the Creed of Heaven or the Heavenly Tribulation.

Taoist Animism: Even the most base of presences get the opportunity to accomplish otherworldliness as they remain alive all through the fogs of time. On the off chance that lucky enough, some may even be illuminated by an expert and transformed into aware spirits. Subsequent to gaining a human body through Body Genesis, they are good to go to start their development.

Actual Cultivation: Ancient Yaoguai never tried to get edified or to mull over the Creed of Heaven. They domineered the domain with their merciless actual strength. They follow their senses and consume their own crucial energy to refine their bodies with nature’s embodiment, until they can even impede flying blades and endure the Heavenly Tribulation with simple human bodies.

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Pet Training: Spiritual pets are exceptional animals with powerful structures and significant potential. They are additionally indications of the guidelines of nature. Figure out how to prepare your group’s pet, and have them serve your necessities.

More Plotlines: As the antiquated Yaoguai return, the domain of cultivators will observe a phenomenal commotion that will save no animal. In any case, is it a gift or a revile?

Refreshed Tutorial: In the Yaoguai Uprising update, we made a total, bit by bit instructional exercise to assist new players with learning the controls and game frameworks so everybody can encounter the fun of development.

Reference book: All sorts of things, laws and beasts are recorded here. You can consider your travel and furthermore envision new undertakings.

Monster Siege: The Phoenix, Jiao-mythical beast and Torch Dragon have all awoken. Compromised by the attack of the three powerful old monsters, can your organization endure the preliminaries that anticipate?

Meandering Sages

To chase antiquated monsters, one should turn into a genuine development champion. Horde puzzling sages from various factions begin meandering the world all over. To your group, this will be both a chance and a fresh out of the plastic new test.

Basic Medicines: The planting strategies for many ground-breaking natural spices have been found. A storeroom loaded with intense basic medications is a fantasy no more!

Building Rotation: Build your organization as you like.

Animal Farming: You would now be able to take care of deadened animals, utilizing their #1 food as snare to attempt to tame them.

Feng Shui Relic: Regular things may have details that make them a Feng Shui Relic.

Investigate the World: Almost the whole world is yours to investigate. Cultivators can venture to every part of the terrains over to discover covered up fortunes and face secret difficulties.

Faction War: Except for the Daemonia Temple, all the orders currently have their own bases. Endless fortunes, antiquated arrangement charts, failed to remember uncommon ancient rarities and superb structures would all be able to be found inside.

Intuitive World: NPC organizations currently interface with one another, with ramifications for their force and impact which continually move to make a steadily changing universe of cultivators.

Arrangement: A total Formation comprises of one cultivator going about as the Pillar and a few others as Auxiliaries. Via looking for manuals and pondering the Creed of Heaven, cultivators can figure out how to turn out to be new kinds of Pillars and Auxiliaries that interface with one another to make Formations.


Cultivators that have accomplished the Primordial Spirit state or above can prepare, study secret moves, take elixirs, think about the Creed of Heaven and challenge the Heavenly Tribulation to acquire sub-spirits. Sub-spirits can assist cultivators with Primordial Spirits gain incredible ground in their training.

Different Tribulations: Once their accomplishment and life expectancy limits are reached, cultivators, can take on the relating Heavenly Tribulations to get through and procure themselves new domains of progress.

Development Laws: Thousands of laws have been found in the domain of cultivators, every law worth examining and learning if just for its uniqueness alone. Become familiar with the most amazing aspect all the development laws and drive yourself to a higher reality!

Way of Shendao: Collect convictions from humans to expand your force. Fabricate a heavenly domain in the void to turn into your own god. Channel power from all the great watchmen to make your own hallowed relic.

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Smaller than expected Universe: A Bounded Universe made with basic powers. Most customary things can be contained inside it. You needn’t leave every one of your things on the floor anymore. Simply store them in the Mini Universe!

Grow Your Sect: Send external teaches out into the human world to make an organization for your faction. Assist humans with taking care of their issues, procure their trust and reliability, and acquire neighborhood items.

Business: As organizations connect with one another, immortals will start to exchange all the more frequently. Get fortes selective to every organization, and meet strange vendors going around the globe; even Ye Xuan the Gambler has opened a closeout house.

Each to Their Own: Disciples from all groups currently have their own names with insider facts, leisure activities and stories to tell. Make companions around the globe and uncover a wide range of intriguing data.


More than 10 development laws, holding on to be found and drilled.

Also, more than 40 marvels, giving you heaps of various development encounters.

Along with that more than 40 elixirs and 30 charms, each with their own fascinating impacts.

Everything can be created into relics.

Accomplish a higher development state and gather astounding fortunes to draw out your life expectancy.

Increment your development altogether perspectives to get ready for the Heavenly Tribulation.


Expert your antiquities and use them to fight against foes. Each character accompanies a reasonable actual body, which means there’s innumerable prospects inside every single fight. Utilize ground-breaking secret laws to their fullest degrees to reverse the situation of fight.


Send devotees on undertakings to experience random occasions, explore privileged insights and gather treasures. It’s your choice whether to do great or torture others around you. Many occasion chains are hanging tight for you to investigate


Gather assets like food and wood and get by in odd backwoods.

Assemble houses and develop harvests to extend your faction.

Store assets to get ready for testing and brutal climate.

Get ready to confront openings and difficulties brought by legendary monsters like Lushu, Fei..


There’s many various types of food, weapons, attire and adornments.

Your completed item will acquire the qualities of the first materials utilized each time you create.


Hold fast to Feng Shui as per the cooperations between the Five Elements, and make your own special Earthly Paradise.

The correct format will expand the productivity and feel of your faction.


Guardians, darlings, companions and adversaries. Through strategies and technique, you should deal with the connections of your followers.

A huge number of get-togethers anticipate, giving you a rich and fascinating order life.


Get accomplishments in Hardcore mode, and acknowledge the demand of a daily existence where in the event that you pass on, that is it.


Mod advancement will be actualized consistently. We can hardly wait to fabricate a universe of development with all of you!


We have plans to team up with different other magnificent games. Make sure to help the engineers you love!


We will keep on growing new and energizing content.


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