Among Us Online Game Crosses 500 Million Players

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When people are busy upgrading graphics cards and their consoles to make them strong enough to handle today’s triple-A title games. There comes a 2D game with very small requirements and no graphics requirement. Yes, guys, we are talking of the newborn hit bestselling Among Us online game.

After its launch 2 years ago, this game was an unknown stranger to gamers from around the world.

It was when some streamers started trying to make new trends that people saw this game. Not only saw the game but also have fun with its gameplay. It is kind of funny and a lot more interesting.

The game starts and ends on a spaceship where the lobby has a maximum of 10 players. Now, these 10 players are divided into 2 groups namely ‘Imposters’ and ‘Crewmates’.

The main job of crewmates is to complete the tasks given on the spaceship. Whereas, the imposter has to fake tasks in order to not get suspected and kill crewmates.

Maximum in a lobby there can be 3 imposters. When anybody finds the dead body of any player, they report it. A meeting is held. People can vote out any suspect there in the meeting.

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This fascinating and interesting theme made the company get success. ‘Innersloth’ the owner company never imagined that such a game can achieve such great heights within such a small span.

In an era where people love graphics, open world, and heavy games, people have loved the game so much that it has got more than 500 million monthly players from around the globe.

According to an annual report by SuperData ‘Among Us’ is the most popular game in terms of monthly players. Now we may see improvements in the already present game.


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