Apple-China, The App Deletion War

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Since China removed US-based apps especially its traveling app without giving any reason or reporting any miscellaneous thing done by the company. Apple in the start deleted thousands of Chinese apps. This category included games and video editing apps too.

China is Apple’s biggest App Store market, with sales of $16.4 billion a year, according to data from Sensor Tower. In the US, the figures are $15.4 billion a year. China is doing all this by saying that the country is cleaning the internet or “clean-up” of online content related to illegal activity, including obscenity, pornography, prostitution, violence, fraud, or gambling.

To this apple has tried to seek other reasons why China would remove various US-based apps. This is when things get clearer. China wants to have its control over the internet. It is tightening its control over the connectivity of the state.

To this Apple has issued a formal memo. This memo states that all the well-off apps or we can say that the apps which are premium and have in-app purchases have the time until the end of the year to get proofs regarding their government license and agreement. This means that the apps have to prove their legality or prove that their company and app is legal.

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Apple is doing all this to ensure its safety and security terms. Many apps in china don’t have their legal agreements and are still having sky-touching sales whereas the other apps stick to get legal agreements and don’t flourish much. Also to maintain transparency, equality and security apple has done this. Now what we have to wait and watch is how many apps fail to prove their legality. 

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