Apple Comes Down on China as a Great Wave

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Apple has been warning China for it’s illegal or non-registered games. Before also Apple removed many apps from app store which were Chinese and were not registered. Many high earning and popular game were also removed after several reports and after the company notified Chinese government several times. After this Chinese government removed many US based apps in order to seek revenge but named the removing of apps as cleaning internet. The Chinese government did not even inform what the problems were that were faced due to those companies. Now Apple Inc. asked Chinese companies and apps to produce their legal paperwork to prove their legality to the Apple store.

Many companies get stuck in order to achieve legality from the Chinese government. So such companies enter the app world without legal paperwork.

Apple had already informed companies repeatedly, but this time the company came as a great wave. There are many unlicensed games which were present. There were some which produced their legality papers and showed their official license but the other which do not have any license are being removed by the Apple company.  Including the 39,000 games, Apple has taken down a total of 46,000 applications from the platform. As per a research firm Qimai, some of the apps that have been affected by the sweep include NBA2K20 and Assassin’s Creed Identity by Ubisoft. The report also said that only 74 of the top 1,500 paid apps on the Chinese App Store survived the purge.

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These ones not removed met Apple’s App Store policies and hence were not removed. So now which all apps are left to be taken down by Apple is what we have to wait and see. Is Apple doing a great job? Do tell us.

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