Apple Knight Action Platformer Mobile Game for Android

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Apple Knight Mobile Game Home Screen

Introduction of Apple Knight Action Platformer Game for Android

Apple Knight is a 2D Action adventure RPG  game for mobile, become a hero that saves the world against the evil king. Battle against hordes of evil wizards, knights and monsters and grow stronger, Apple Knight is an action platformer mobile game for Android that is constantly updated and hence has a lot of interesting new additions to the game.

Apple Knight was developed by Limitless, LLC back in the August of 2019 and was made available for both Android and iOS for free. Since then the game has been on an upward trajectory and it’s currently sitting at over a million downloads.

Let’s see what this game has to offer and why has it been so popular among other action platformer mobile games for Android.

The Gameplay

Apple Knight Mobile Game Hero Action

Apple Knight is an action-adventure RPG game and thus needs to have a lot of fighting, dodging and villains, and to no one’s surprise, this game has all that to offer and more.

Let’s start off with the story of this game, like many cliched Action-adventure RPGs in this game the main character, Agastia/Amaya, have decided to go on a quest to defeat the Evil King and end his tyranny. In order to reach the Evil King, the protagonist has to cross different worlds and each world has a Boss that needs to be defeated in order to progress to another world.

Each world has 10 levels that need to be cleared first in order to reach the boss of the world, and as such, each level is jam-packed with action and adventure. Each level is different from the last and also has some mini-quests within the levels.

Apple Knight offers a huge variety of different outfits and weapons that provide some kind of stat boost and also look very cool. Another feature of the game is the ability to throw apples, that’s where the name of the game comes from, the protagonist can throw apples that he collected while trying to clear the level. This ability to throw apples can be replaced by throwing other special objects like a fireball or a bomb and many more which can be purchased and equipped from the store.

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Interesting Gameplay of Apple Knight Action Platformer Game for Android

The controls for this game are very nice as they not only offer a double jump and a dash option but also have a ledge hanging feature that looks very cool, and the controls are very responsive making the game even more appealing.

Another retro RPG feature this game has is each level has two or more hidden areas containing a secret chest filled with treasure, and you don’t necessarily have to find it but this adds another level of adventure felt into the game. The mobs on each floor have special abilities too and you have to use the right movement at the right time in order to not die.

Apple Knight also offers four levels of difficulty and makes the game even more challenging for serious players who are passionate about 2D RPG games.

All in all this game has a very retro game feel about it and is an absolute blast to play, all the way from its storyline to different enemies everything about apple knight action platformer game for Android is worth a try.

Graphics and Animation

Apple Knight Mobile Game

From its background music to its graphics all of it has an absolute 8-bit and 16-bit feel to it, it’s like a blast from the past for people who grew up on those kinds of games.

The animation and movement of the characters is very smooth and fluid, with the movement of characters highlighted by some kind of white pixels floating underneath the characters somehow gives the game an even better look.

The layouts and floors look very well made with a lot of jumping and timing and also have traps that need to be avoided. The designs for the equipment and weapons along with the special powers were very creative and looked absolutely fantastic. The hit registry was also on point with each swing of the characters feeling very realistic and looked powerful.

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The animation and graphics of the game definitely provided a thorough experience throughout the play and we’re really the strong point of the game.

In-App Purchases

Apple Knight has a few types of equipment, weapons and special powers that cannot be purchased using in-game coins. They have to be purchased using real money. All these equipment, weapons and special powers look really cool and provide multiple stat boosts.

Pros and Cons

Like all games, Apple Knight too has a few flaws that can be improved, so let’s look into what are the good points of this game and where it’s lacking.


  • The movement of the characters is very fluid and has a lot of special movements.
  • The game looks absolutely fantastic, with its retro feels and amazing design, this game definitely packs a punch.
  • The game is constantly updated and thus has so many levels and many more to come.
  • Provides a huge selection of weapons, equipment and special powers that can be obtained from the store using game coins.


  • One of the few gripes I have with this game is the pop-up ads that interrupt the flow of the game and can be very annoying.
  • Another thing that the game could have added was a blocking feature so we could defend against rocks being thrown at us.


In conclusion, Apple Knight is one of the best free action-adventure mobile games available for Android and iOS. Apple Knight is also an offline mobile game that eliminates the need for the internet. This game can be played anywhere anytime.

Loaded with amazing outfit designs, a compelling story and a huge selection of levels to play. This game is definitely one of the best 2D action-adventure RPG games available for mobile.

All in all this game definitely should be on the top of your list if you like action and adventure games because this will definitely be right up your ally.

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