Asphalt Nitro-Car Racing Game Tizen Mobile

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Asphalt Nitro is a car racing game for Tizen mobiles. This is one of the most popular car racing game across all the platforms. The game is developed by GAMELOFT SE. It is a popular game development company, which has developed a lot of racing games, sports games and many more.

The game is a hit franchise of ASPHALT. This game is a multi-player game where you play the games with online players and race with them. You can also race with game AI where you’ll race along with other AI operated cars.

In the game, you have the option to select your favorite car and choose a track where you want to race. There is a lot of customization in the game. You can change car colors, put some graphics on the car, upgrade your car and more.

Talking about its gameplay, you’ll be highly impressed with its realistic physics engine. It feels like you are in the driver seat. Animation of cars jumping or falling is extraordinarily realistic. Its graphics and animations let you dive into the experience of real car racing. Not to mention that graphics are so amazing that cars look like a real car, not a car model.

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Its environments are simply breathtaking that you’ll love them. Every track has its own characteristics. Some tracks are in the hills and some are in the city but each and every track is beautiful.

Enjoy the luxury and fast cars that will take you to the next level. Download and race with your friends.



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