Auto Chess gets a MOBA Spinoff

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Auto Battlers became Video game’s first fad in 2019 when Dota Auto chess became a spin off to have it’s own studio. Auto Battlers, as most won’t remember started with Dota 2 and Dota Auto Chess.

Riot Games got in on the auto battler bandwagon with Teamfight Tactics from there. Valve on the other hand, had their own official version of Dota Auto Chess called Dota Underlords. Blizzard followed suit with Battlegrounds, their own unique take that they paired with Hearthstone.

Teamfight Tactics has been the most successful of the lot. But that might be due to League of Legends still being the greatest games played till date. Even though Auto Battlers isn’t a popular genre anymore. Auto Chess released by Chinese developer Dragonest Games gained popularity only in the mother country it seems as it couldn’t make an impact in the western countries worth noting.

The whole point being Auto Chess was born from Dota 2, A MOBA. Now Auto Chess is going to have it’s very own MOBA. The announcement was made on January 8 and the fact that  moving back into the MOBA genre seemed like a losing proposition was mentioned. “Market competition for MOBA games is so fierce today,” Dragonest CEO Loring Lee said. But he also explained that “making a MOBA game is our faith.”

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Destructible terrain will be seen, a day/night cycle affecting viewer’s vision. Auto Chess MOBA also has heroes available to play from the start. This lets us believe that all monetization will be based on cosmetic micro transactions. Officially there is no release date as of yet. But Auto Chess MOBA doesn’t seem to disappear anytime before Auto Nest completes a whole circle by the producers!

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