This Awesome Game Made by Single Person

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It’s officially a one-man show. The publishers of the Lord of the Rings game, are coming up with yet another game called the Hidden Deep. Although, it’s a whole concept is different from the former, but that’s not the catch. It’s been designed by a single person: Łukasz Kałuski. Now, that’s something we don’t get to see every day, isn’t it?

What started as a passion project will now be the center of attention for all the gamers. He started the project in 2014 and even funded it himself. He had some soft words for his product of labor. “Without a doubt, Hidden Deep is the biggest project of my life into which I put all my heart and sweat and I love doing this”, Kałuski said on his website.

The story of Hidden Deep is such that, a suboceanic research and mining facility has been taken over by Aliens. The gamers will be trying to solve the mystery as to what happened to the original human crew. With the help of Gadgets and Weapons, they have to got to survive in the deep ocean and even from the Aliens. The game is inspired by movies like Alien and The Thing, as well as the first Half-Life game.

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This 2-Dimensional Game has more than 50 levels so it isn’t a small game if the gamers are wondering. Also, it has a challenge mode featuring randomized levels. Every little details about the upcoming game has been put inside the game trailer video. A free demo for Hidden Deep will be available on Steam from February 3-9. The full game is scheduled for release later in 2021 for PC.


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