Best GTA V Cheats

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Since a long back in 2013, the Rockstar Game’s production ‘GTA V’ has been in the list of best games. The best AAA games include GTA V too. GTA has always been the best of open world games. You get all type of choices and you can do anything in the game. No matter what you do you enjoy the game so much that it becomes an addiction. Not only the graphics but the gameplay is amongst the best. So here we have some of the useful cheats for GTA V PC:

1)  TRASHED: Spawn a garbage truck.

2) BARNSTORM: Spawn a stunt plane.

3) BANDIT: Spawn a BMX bicycle.

4) BUZZOFF: Spawn an armed helicopter.

5) FLYSPRAY: Spawn a crop duster plane.

6) HOLEIN1: Spawn a golf cart.

7) COMET: Spawn a sports car.

8) RAPIDGT: Spawn a different sports car.

9) VINEWOOD: Spawn a limousine.

10) ROCKET: Spawn a motorcycle.

11) OFFROAD: Spawn a dirt bike.

12) FUGITIVE: Raise wanted level.

13) LAWYERUP: Reduce wanted level.

14) DEADEYE: Aim better (enter this up to four times to keep increasing aiming accuracy, but the cheat gets disabled if you enter it five times).

15) HOTHANDS: Exploding punch.

16) HIGHEX: Exploding bullets.

17) INCENDIARY: Flaming bullets.

18) LIQUOR: Make your character inebriated (aka enter drunk mode).

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19) PAINKILLER: Become invincible for five minutes.

20) TOOLUP: Get all weapons.

21) TURTLE: Full health and armor.

22) POWERUP: Recharge special ability.

23) CATCHME: Run faster.

24) GOTGILLS: Swim faster.

25) HOPTOIT: Jump higher.

26) SKYDIVE: Get a parachute.

27) SKYFALL: Fall from the sky with no chance of using a parachute (press the forward button and try to hit the ground headfirst to survive).

28) MAKEITRAIN: This changes the weather (enter it again and again to cycle through different weather options).

29) SNOWDAY: Ensure traffic chaos thanks to slippery cars.

30) FLOATER: Enter this cheat and get inside a vehicle to activate low gravity.

31) SLOWMO: Play the game in slow motion (key it in up to three times to reduce gameplay speed further and the fourth time disables the cheat).

32) JRTALENT: Play as any NPC in GTA 5.

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