Best Idle Strategy Game for Android-Battle Legion

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battle legion android game teams fighting

Introduction Battle Legion Best Idle Strategy Game for Android

Battle Legion, the best idle strategy game for Android is developed by Traplight Ltd. and involves forming an army to fight other players online. Battle Legion is a strategy based mobile game that involves placing troops in a specific formation in order to secure victory.

Released on the 1st July of 2020 for both Android and iOS, for free and already has over a million downloads. Battle Legion has become one of the best battle games available for a mobile, action-packed online multiplayer game that’ll keep you engaged for hours.


battle legion android game battlegrounds

Battle Legion is the best idle strategy game for Android hence it doesn’t have many things to do in terms of controls, but this by no means implies the game isn’t an absolute blast.

The objective of the game is to utilize the given space to employ the best troops available in order to defeat your opponents, you have carefully and strategically placed your troops on your side of the field while keeping in mind each troops tendencies and abilities.

Battle Legion follows a trophy system and in order to unlock more troops or upgrade current troops, you have to have a certain number of troops. In this game, the number of troops that can be placed by you to fight will be limited to your “Rank” which will increase by getting more trophies and allow you to increase your army capacity.

With over 40 different types of troops to choose from, this game not only provides a massive variety in types of troops but also provides various different skins for each troop.

Interesting Gameplay Battle Legion Best Idle Strategy Game

Battle Legion has a very fast-paced battle system that lasts only about 20 seconds and allows the players to play more matches, and since it’s an idle game the battles are auto-played, meaning that you only have to set up the position and formation of your troops and rest is all taken care of by the A.I.

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Another feature this game provides is the leveling up of troops. Leveling up not only leads to increased stats but also after a certain level, the troops activate certain power-ups that will help turn the situation around during battles.

Currently, there are about 13 ranks available in the game. Earning coins in the game is a tedious job and having a restriction on the number of troops per rank keeps the game very balanced and engaging.

Though this game doesn’t have many things to control. This game definitely has a lot of features to keep you engaged, especially after every match you can adjust your troops and their formations.

Battle Legion also offers a discord server where players all around the world can talk to each other about this game and share ideas. This is a very compelling feature provided by the developers as this allows more people to share what they love or talk about it with people who share the same kind of love.

All in all this game is very engaging and addictive. You’ll end up playing way longer than you initially thought you would. The game is tailor-made for people who like to relax and just strategically place troops and defeat their opponents.

Graphics And Animation

battle legion android game victory

Battle Legion is just an idle game thus there isn’t much to animation. Even then, the developers have really looked into and chosen the most perfect style of design both for the backgrounds and the characters that complement the gameplay.

All the troops look really good and so does their special effects, the sound effects that were used in the game also gave an enriching experience to the overall gameplay.

The layouts and designs for different camps looked very cool. The fact that almost everything in the game was customizable was a nice touch.

All in all the graphics and animation although not something to love and behold. But it did seem fitting for the type of game that Battle Legion is.

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In-App Purchases

Battle Legion definitely has a lot of in-app purchases, mostly for items like newer troops, more gems, coins, or ethernite. The game even has a season pass that gives various rewards to the players.

Pros and cons


  • A grinding based system which ensures players have to consistently play and strategize in order to rank up and increase their army.
  • Provides a plethora of additional features in compensation for lack of versatility in the controls and animation department.
  • There aren’t many interruptions or advertisements during the gameplay.
  • Fast and short matches, hence allowing the player to play multiple rounds.


  • The game can definitely improve a lot if they could add an additional feature that allows the players to readjust their formations after a match being decided.
  • Another thing that kind of ruined the experience was the lack of involvement in the actual battles, this is an extension of the previous point. The game can become even more immersive if they allowed more involvement of players in the actual action.
  • The upgrading of troops requires a lot of time as you can’t buy more shards for your troops using game coins. But you may watch videos or ads to earn random shards.


In conclusion, Battle Legion is definitely a fun game that you can spend a lot of time on, this game fundamentally idle in nature and thus was designed for the purpose of relaxed gaming.

This however should not be taken as this game doesn’t require any thinking or planning and is just for lazy gaming. This is probably one of the most fun battle games that are available on mobile devices. It is a multiplayer online action game that is too good to miss and definitely recommended for a trial.


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