The Best Online Multiplayer Android Game-Frag Pro Shooter

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Frag Pro Shooter battle scene


Frag Pro Shooter, a 1v1 best online multiplayer Android game, has seen a lot of success in the past year. Frag Pro Shooter as the name suggests is a shooting game that was released in March of 2019.

Developed by Oh BiBi, this game has been downloaded by over 10 million people. Equipped with stunning graphics, interesting gameplay and many more features, this game has definitely raised the bar for strategy and shooting games available on mobile.

Released for both Android and iOS for free is also what got people interested in it, despite the huge variety of features and things to do, this game doesn’t take too much storage space on your device.

Frag Pro Shooter is currently celebrating its first anniversary and as such, let’s look into what makes this game the best online multiplayer Android game available on mobile for free.


Frag Pro Shooter killing opponents

Frag Pro Shooter, definitely is a step in the right direction for strategy games available on mobile devices, this game is very detailed and engaging for people of all types.

With over 70 playable cards, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, special abilities and unique designs. The game follows a 1v1 duel system and also offers a 2v2 system so you can play with your friends.

Each player has to prepare a team of 5 fraggers, or characters, in order to be able to play online, players can create a team with different fraggers to create a unique lineup to fit their play style. All fraggers are upgradeable and have a special role that directs their actions in battles.

Frag Pro Shooter follows a trophy system, which means that in order to earn new cards and maps to play in you have to unlock a certain number of trophies that can only be earned by defeating other players.

Now for when the battle starts, each player’s team has 5 fraggers. A player can only control one fragger at a time, while although the other fraggers are on the field, they are controlled by A.I. They behave based on their tendencies and roles.

In order to switch from one fragger to another, one has to click on the map that’s available on the top left corner and select the from the fraggers available. If your fragger is killed, then it’ll respawn in a little time but till then you can switch to another fragger on the field.

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Interesting Gameplay of Frag Pro Shooter

The objective of the battle is to reduce the health bar of your opponent to zero before the timer reaches zero, if neither player’s health bar reaches zero before the designated time then whichever player has lesser health loses the match.

There are two ways in which the players can reduce each other’s health:

  1. Both teams are spawned at the two corners of the map and it’s called the base, and each base has two targets with life points on it. You have to invade the enemy base and destroy their targets. This deals a lot of damage to the opponent as their life points are directly proportional to the life points of the targets.
  2. Another method to deal with damage to the opponent’s life points would be by defeating their fraggers. Although this method wouldn’t deal as much damage, it’s the easiest option available.

This game also has a guild system where players can form teams and donate to each other or engage in friendly duels with one another.

Frag Pro Shooter is very similar to another popular mobile game called Clash Royale by Supercell in terms of user interface and some aspects of the gameplay but what makes this game better than Clash Royale is that it utilizes the ideas of Clash Royale as its foundation and expands upon it.

Clash Royale has a top-down form of gameplay and only has strategically placed cards on the field, but Frag Pro Shooter is a 3D shooter game that has a good portion of strategic planning and action.

Another interesting feature offered by Frag Pro Shooter is that the game allows you to toggle between first-person perspective and third-person perspective, adding more depth to the gameplay and making it more immersive for the players.

Graphics and animations

Frag Pro Shooter victory

Not only is this game packing a punch in terms of its gameplay but Frag Pro Shooter absolutely blows its competition out of the water with its colorful and appealing graphics.

Equipped with a variety of maps and creative designs for each fragger makes this game so much more enjoyable for its players. The cartoony feel of the game and it’s fraggers makes the game somewhat more soothing and attractive.

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Each map is made to give an advantage to certain types of fragger and thus tests the lineups prepared by players and see how versatile each lineup is.

All in all the graphics and the smooth animation of the Frag Pro Shooter make the game even more engaging and addictive, seriously once you get started it’ll be hard to stop.

In-App Purchases

Frag Pro Shooter has a lot of in-app purchases available to its players. Most of the interesting fragger skins along with different crates and special cards are behind a paywall.

Pros and Cons

Like all games, Frag Pro Shooter too has its good points and negative points. Let’s see what is good about it and what it can do without it.


  • A huge selection of fraggers to choose from, and hence more variety of lineups can be prepared to fit a player.
  • This game not only has a lot of action in it but also has a lot of strategic planning required to secure a win.
  • The graphics and animation make the game very engaging and addictive.


  • This game has a lot of similarity to other well-known games and also has similar characters from other games.
  • The hit registry in the game has been somewhat of a problem too. Sometimes at crucial moments, the fraggers don’t deal with any damage to opponents.
  • The game pushes for a lot of in-app purchases, at every turn the game offers something or the other that needs to be purchased using real money. Although one gets used to it after a while, it’s still something worth discussing.


Frag Pro Shooter is definitely one a kind shooter game available on both Android and iOS and is one of the best online multiplayer Android game available for mobile.

Featuring many maps and characters to choose from. It is also an online multiplayer to boot, this game definitely is worth trying. With all the things this game offers, it’s one of the best free games available for mobiles.

So in conclusion, definitely try this game out. If you’re interested in Shooter games then this game is for you.


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