Best Time Pass Game for Android-Bike Jump

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Bike Jump, as the name suggests is a game that involves using a bike and jumping over ramps to hit a target placed all across the map. Using the help of jetpacks, a bike and a ramp you have to reach the designated target. This game is the best time pass game for Android.

Earn coins based on how far you reach every attempt and try reaching a newer distance.

Developed by BoomBit Games, Bike Jump was released on the 23rd of July, 2020 and already has over a million downloads for the Play Store version available. Bike Jump is the perfect game just to pass time.

Let’s take a closer look at this game to understand what it’s all about.


Bike-Jump-Android-Game-Biker -in-Air

Bike Jump is a game with very minimal controls, and hence a game that is easy to grasp and for everyone to get into. Let’s first look at the controls for this game, in Bike Jump, you can upgrade the engine of the bike, the jetpack and the bonus coins at each attempt.

You are started out at the top of a ramp and have to press anywhere to accelerate the bike, once you reach the end of the ramp, and the bike is launched in the air, you have the choice use the jetpack while being seated on the bike or you can get rid of the bike and just simply use the jetpack.

The difference between the two would be the distance you can travel with or without the bike, the bike weighs the player down and is better to get rid of at the right time.

Bike Jump, just like its name is very direct in the gameplay as well, with little to nothing other than changing the bike, and upgrading the jetpack and engine bike. You must try this best Android game if you like short levels.

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The gameplay is pretty much the same for each and every level and as such it’s mostly just to pass time for the sake of passing time. In order to unlock new levels, you have to hit the target on the far side of the map.

After a certain point of the game, it just gets repetitive and boring but it’s still a fun game to play while waiting for something else. Bike Jump is an offline mobile game and can literally be played anywhere at any time.

Graphics and Animations


Bike Jump doesn’t have any special graphics or any extremely well-animated gameplay. The design of the game looks kinda clunky and washed up, but it’s still somewhat fitting for the type of game it is.

The buildings and the layouts of the maps are mediocre looking at best and the physics of the jetpack and bike are a little bit inaccurate as well.

There are times when the character misses the target but instead crosses the target and keeps going further, this was very frustrating.

Although the Bike Jump deserves props for the variety of bikes, each with their own advantage and enabled players to choose the bike that’d suit their style of playing the game.

In-App Purchases

Bike Jump indeed has a lot of in-app purchases and microtransactions in the game, most of them for coins or for the bikes. The game also has a lot of ads in the game as well.

Pros And Cons

Clearly, this game is very mediocre and needs a lot of improvement to make this a more enjoyable experience. Let’s list down what’s good and what’s bad about this game.

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  • Bike Jump is easy to grasp the game and is fun to play when bored.
  • Offers a cool selection of bikes and enables an upgrade of the engine of the bike.


  • The gameplay becomes repetitive by the third level.
  • The graphics and animation of the game could use some improvement.
  • Not enough features to keep the audience interested for a long period of time.
  • Contains way too many ads, almost feels like this game was made for a quick cash grab.


In conclusion, the Bike Jump is a fun game for a while but gets boring and repetitive after a while. However, I feel like this game can improve a lot more considering it’s in its early stages and can improve much more.

Although as it stands now, it has way too many problems to be an enjoyable game, for the above reasons like too many ads, clunky graphics, very little to do in terms of controls, and the physics of the game aren’t that accurate.

The game can improve a lot more by adding multiple ramps per level and thus effectively making the game more fun. It can also add a bit more bounce in the bike to make it feel more smooth and nice, another feature they could add is doing stunts in mid-air to earn more points and coins.

Thus for all these reasons, Bike Jump can be considered more of a work in progress than an actual game and hopefully with a little time and a few more updates, this game will truly blossom as one of the more entertaining mobile games.

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