Bounce Classic-Tizen Mobile Game

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Do you remember the original bounce game from your old mobile device? It may be one of the most memorable and timeless ones and you could keep playing it for hours and hours each day. Well, guess what? This game is back! The fun Bounce Classic game is available on the Tizen Store and you will be killing your battery for how much you are playing it.

It’s important to know that this is a fan made remake of the original classic bounce. But it looks almost as identical as the original! When you play this game your goal is to head to the exit and avoid the spikes and thorns. How do you achieve this, you may ask? Well you have to leap through the hoops and get to the finish line.

This is the perfect game that will bring back plenty of old memories. The game consists of 11 very fun levels in which you avoid all the obstacles to earn plenty of points. In addition, if you collect crystals you gain extra points and if you collect crystal balls you get an extra life. A special hint: if you jump on the rubber floors you will bounce extra high!

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As we mentioned before they have come out with 11 original levels that have been packed as an original episode. But don’t worry, that may not be the end of the story, because more levels may come very soon.

So until that happens enjoy the 11 original levels, collect all rings and beware of dangerous obstacles.

Do you remember this game? If you don’t and you need a refresher to keep reading this article where we are going to show some of the best features of this iconic game. 

Game Features

  • Endless fun
  • Completely free game
  • Original sounds and effects
  • Original 11 bounce levels plus 5 custom ones
  • Updated HD graphics for modern devices maintaining the same original theme
  • Same physics have been kept for immersive gameplay
  • It has the same vibe of the very nostalgic game
  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • Very intuitive controls
  • Play anywhere and any time

Keep in mind that this is considered one of the most popular and classic mobile games! So don’t forget to download Bounce Classic available on the Tizen Store. Remember that the best part about this game is that is totally free and available to download.


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