Brawl Stars-Must Have Action Game on Your Mobiles

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With a transition from strategy games to battle royale games for mobiles, there has been an increased focus towards a free for all and fast-paced mobile action games by the developers.

Supercell, a mobile gaming company best known for making strategy-based games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach, decided to enter this new market. Brawl Stars game was released in 2017, featuring some of the best animation and a completely new format in terms of how to battle royale is to be played.

Supercell was successfully able to incorporate its various features from its previously successful games along with new and original ideas into a well made fast-paced action-packed game. It gives the players a very addicting and enjoyable experience.

Available in both iOS and android for free, it’s one of the best online multiplayer games that don’t require a lot of storage space to download nor does it take too much effort to get into. Despite the vast majority of battle royale games being available, Brawl Stars still manage to retain its place amongst the successful mobile games of the new era in both android and iOS.

This game is thoroughly enjoyable. You can easily spend playing for hours with it as it allows you to play with new players online.

The Gameplay

The core concept of this game revolves around the characters called “Brawlers”, which are available for you to use in the game, to play various events and earn trophies. Each brawler has its own special power and is different in terms of offense, defense and utility. There are over 35 brawlers to choose from.

Despite the availability of a huge number of brawlers, you can unlock all of them through leveling up and winning matches to earn trophies. Level-up each brawler with the help of coins earned in the game. This game is very balanced and easy to grasp. Every brawler is also weak to certain other brawlers.

Brawl Stars provides a plethora of events for you to take part in. The objective of each event is different from the previous one. This will enable gamers to have many options to choose from. There are 3V3 matches, Duo and Solo Survival, Football and many more.

Although the events are constantly updated to keep the players engaged, not all events are available from the get-go. One needs to have earned enough trophies to unlock the new events.

The User Interface is very simple and yet informative. It provides you with all the necessary options right at the main screen and one doesn’t have really look for, how to join or start a club in order to play with your friends all over the world.

The game also has a news section and TV section. This way, fans can keep up with what is going on with the game or if anything new is being introduced and also spectate top-level players from across the world respectively.

Along with all the different events that are made available to the gamer, Brawl Stars also has a ranking system so you can compete with people across the world to be at the top. This kind of challenge makes a lot of gamers want to win as much and play as much and also provide them with a sense of accomplishment.

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Graphics and Animation

Now, that we have taken a look at the gameplay. Let’s move on to what really separates great games from good games. Despite having a good concept for a game, it’ll never be successful if it isn’t appealing to the audience. The three things that are noticed first noticed by the audience are:

1) The Graphics
2) The Animation
3) The Sound Effects and Background Music

The Graphics

This refers to the illustrations, images and various other still pictures that are shown throughout the game, basically, the looks of the game and this is very crucial for games.

In this department this game performs spectacularly. Everything about this game in terms of looks and still, images were clearly well made and were brightly colored. The maps for each event, along with the character design for each brawler was so beautiful. It’s so pleasing to watch and thus this game completely passed in that department.

The Animation

This refers to the fluency of movement of characters and the other moving parts of the game. This is what brings life to still images and if the animation of the game is subpar then, even if the game “looks” appealing it wouldn’t be able retain the audience.

Brawl Stars can easily be considered one of the best animated mobile games available on Android and iOS phones. The game ran very smoothly and was very refreshing to look at. There was no problem in this department either. Supercell is very famous for its smooth gameplay and hence they clearly knew what was needed to be done.

The Sound Effects and Background Music

Last but not the least, the sound effects and music of the game are what elevate the game to become a classic game that’s remembered way past its prime. If the sound effects are poorly executed then the gameplay would lose its beauty and luster.

When it comes to background music, it is very essential for a game as it brings emotion into the game. Brawl Stars is one of the best games on the Play Store and the App Store. This game is in the top ranks. There isn’t anything wrong with the background music, if anything; it was a very nice addition to an already well-made game.

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Many developers have trouble deciding the right kind of music and sound effects for their game as, it’s the sounds that the audience will be hearing while playing the game and has to be appealing to a vast variety of people.

In-App Purchases

Like many games, this game also has two types of currency in the game, coins and gems, coins can be earned by players through winning online battles and leveling up, however, when it comes to gems they are very rare to obtain through wining and playing the game but can be easily be obtained by buying them using real money. You can use these gems to buy packs and chests that contain rare brawlers and other types of equipment.

Pros and Cons

This game has a lot of amazing features but it isn’t without its shortcomings. Let’s analyze its selling points along with its own problems. I am not going to get as much into the pros compared to the cons of the game. I have been highlighting the best aspects of the game over the course of the review.


  • This game is really well made and balanced out so that no single player can have the upper hand 100% of the time.
  • This is really smooth for a mobile game and thus provides a fun experience.
  • It’s extremely addictive and can be played anywhere without much requirements.
  • One of the best features about this game is that despite having the in-app purchases, this
  • doesn’t create a gap between players who pay to win and those who don’t pay to win.


  • It only has an online mode and thus doesn’t offer an offline campaign for people who don’t have
  • Access to the internet at any point, thus making this game useless without internet.
  • Although it isn’t significant, I have noticed that at random points the game takes a long time to
  • Find a match to join, which becomes annoying when you want to play consecutive games and
  • Your flow is interrupted


In conclusion, this game is one of the best mobile games out there and Brawl Stars was a spectacular experience. It’s free for both Android and iOS, thus engaging more Android gamers and iPhone gamers.

Supercell definitely outdid themselves with this game, and I highly recommend this game for anyone wanting to pass time and just want something they can get into without trying too hard.

From its concept all the way down to its execution was phenomenal and this game will be highly appreciated by fans all across the world for a long time to come.

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