Bus Mania-Om Telolet Om Game on Tizen Mobile Store

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Bus Mania – Om Telolet Om game is really a fun game from Aditya Anwar T. Actually this game has been supported by AntPixel.com. Whoever the developer is, he has put immense efforts on developing this game. Its concept and controls are superbly designed.

It’s not exactly a racing game but it’s a game where you’ve to cover more distance in a given fuel tank. You can fill up the fuel tank on the way. The game is beautifully designed.

There is a bit of learning curve but once you learn it, you’ll enjoy playing this game. Its controls and camera angles are worth mentioning here. 

The Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is very impressive as you have two modes to play in the game. One mode is om Telolet Om and the other one is Speed. The second mode, which is very much gets cleared from its name. You just need to go on full speed on a road full of traffic.

The Speed mode is for all of us who love racing games where you drive your vehicle at full speed but Om Telolet Om is something different. In this mode, you are driving your bus but traffic comes in the way and you don’t have to move your bus out of traffic. But you are going to swipe some special signals like Up, Down, Left or Right. 

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This way you’ll move the traffic out of your way. These signals appear on the screen and you just need to follow these quickly or you’ll bump into traffic. This is something that you can’t figure out quickly. it takes some time but after that it so much fun.

You can choose the vehicle from Store in the game. Not all are free but only couple of buses are available freely to play. Otherwise, you have to pay for other buses.

The Graphics

Arcade-style graphics are the USP of this game. The Environment looks awesome for this game. But the most entertaining part of this game is its Camera Angle. The camera angle used for this game is not usual. 

You are delighted when the first time you play this game as camera angle changes as the road turns in Speed mode. Whereas, in other mode, the camera angle is from side corner where you can see traffic coming in front of the vehicle.   

How To Download

If you are going to downloading this awesome game on the Tizen Store then you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. Just search for ‘Bus Mania – Om Telolet Om‘ in the search box and download it from the link.

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The game is fun to play. The developers have put some new dimensions to the game and I’m sure you’ll also love this game as I love it. Its gameplay or graphics both are awesome. If you’ve played this game and liked it then do share your experience below in the comment section.

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