Call Of Duty reveals Pool Price

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The prize pool has been announced for this year for Call of Duty league. It’s a million less than last, says the gamers. Last year it was $6Million while this year it’s $5Million but 12 players short as the league shifts from 5v5 format to classic 4v4 format.

This implies that every franchise will have a player less this year. The winning team of this year’s league will receive a grand prize of $1.2 million. This is also a tad less than last year but it is spread across fewer people. The new format will see 5 CDL Majors played across regular season with the top price for each being $200,000.

The twitter handle of CDL has also revealed how the points have been broken down and will be distributed during the whole season. This is used to rank teams to send them off to Final Play Offs. In Home Series matches, of which three are played in the build up to each Major. Every victory earns a team 10 CDL Points. At Majors, points are allocated on final placements, rather than wins. The top team at each major will earn 75 CDL Points.

There is a new draft-style for group draw this year. It will determine which teams will play each other during each stage. The first draw will be held at the Kickoff Classic exhibition match this weekend. Reigning Champions Dallas Empire and Runners up 2020 Atlanta Faze will take turns to pick which teams will play in the other’s group.

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It would worth a watch to see which teams both the champions decide as strongest. The 2021 CDL officially begins on February 11 with the Opening Weekend, hosted by Atlanta FaZe.

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