Call of the Sea: Escaping a Puzzling Island

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As players go through Call of the Sea‘s puzzles and make their way across the island, they learn that Norah’s husband Harry and his expedition have had a rough go about it. Harry and his team were searching for a cure for Norah’s strange illness, which makes her mostly bed-ridden and covers her skin in bizarre spots. Norah starts to feel better when she spends time near the ocean and explores the island, which is the first big hint at what Norah really is. The story is of 1930’s and is very adventurous. It gives you a true feel of reality, as if you are truly inside the game. It’s discovered that Norah is not entirely human, but rather a being that can transform between being a human and being an amphibian. Like some Barbie mermaid tale.

The game becomes more interesting when by completing a ritual on the island, Norah can become one of these amphibious creatures permanently, though doing so would mean leaving her human life with Harry behind forever. Harry, knowing his wife would never agree to do this without first thinking he was dead, faked his own death and sent her clues to get her to go to the island and discover her fate for herself. Now Norah faces two choices, either accept fate and do the rituals or she can remain and live her life as human forever. But whatever she chooses the end is painful. Either live alone or live for small time with the one you love. The gameplay is great so are the graphics so eventually it’s a great game to enjoy.

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