Review Of Candy Camera-Selfie App For Tizen Mobiles

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Camera apps have been so popular these days that no one is left without a good selfie app. The Candy Camera app is one of the great apps across mobile platforms. Candy Camera is a photo filter app for Tizen mobiles. It is the top app in its category. I was totally convinced why it is in Top Charts. When I first downloaded the app and launched it, its interface impressed me a lot. I’ll talk about it in detail in this review.

Features Of Candy Camera App

The Candy Camera is an awesome app for selfie lovers. It allows the users to apply a ton of filters on the image. You can take your selfie or load an image from your mobile gallery. Then the app offers you every feature that is essential in an image editor app.

The Candy Camera app is so much feature-rich that is required to edit an image. Take a selfie or load an image from your gallery and you can see a lot of features on the screen.

You can manually adjust its Brightness, Contrast, Colors and much more. Besides the basic editing options that every image editor app offers, Candy Camera has a ton of image filters. 

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When you apply any filter on the image, then you can also increase or decrease its intensity by sliding the slider above the filter bar. They have implemented the filters in three categories Classic, Selfie and Unique. 

The best part of this filter feature is that you can apply Live filters on your selfie. That means, when you are posing for a selfie then you can apply any filter on the image.  

Apart from this, the app offers a wide range of Stickers. You can apply any sticker on your selfie and then share on social networking apps.

The Interface Of The App

This app’s interface is very simple yet feature-rich. You can set Timer to click a pic. Every feature is accessible from the first screen itself. If at any time you need to go back then just tap on the image.

This is a very easy-to-use feature which saves your time too. Some more little features have been added to the menu. 

So overall, its interface has no issues that restrict the user experience of this app. Maybe, icons could have been bigger so that filter effects could be viewed easily.

How To Download

This app can be downloaded on the Tizen Store but you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. Just search for ‘Candy Camera‘ in the search box and download from the link.

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After using this app, I made my decision that this app must be shared with you guys. The Candy Camera app is all capable of clicking your selfies and editing them with its bag full of filters.

This app is a must-have app for users who love to click selfies. If you have used this app then share your experience with us.

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