Car Transporter-Tizen Mobile Game

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Car Transporter is an interesting game which is different from other car racing games. It is a game where you are assigned a task and you need to accomplish the task to get rewards.

In the game, you have a truck where you load cars, trucks and more vehicles and transport them to the garage. There are lot of vehicles to unlock and drive them to the target destination. You can use your rewards to upgrade your truck to transport more vehicles.

Racing cars, Sports cars, SUVs and trucks are available to transport in this amazing game. Game physics is very realistic as well. A lot of levels are there in the game to play but the real challenge is to drive your truck to uphills.

You need to drive your truck carefully and master the controls so that your truck doesn’t get roll back from uphills. Just keep in mind to control the balance. Upgrading your truck will help you to get past those difficult levels.

The game graphics are nice. A lot of cars and trucks to unlock from the store. The game is free to play so download and enjoy this game.


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