Control comes to Xbox Game Pass for PC

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PC gamers had to wait but Control will finally be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC this week. Game pass, which often adds new games on the mobile, console and on PC simultaneously. Control released on Xbox Game pass on December 3 but it didn’t get added to the PC. It made the PC players upset at large.

Xbox Game Pass for PC’s Twitter handle released the news of Control coming on the platform on 21 January, Thursday. It released a video of all the items the protagonist Jesse Faden can take control in-game. The possible reason for the delay could be that the game was an Epic Game Store exclusive on PC. Very few games of Epic Game Store are available on Game Pass.

Remedy Entertainment’s cerebral shooter Control on Game pass has the base game and the DLA Expeditions. But neither of the DLA Expansions, The Foundation and Awe, AWE connecting Control to Remedy’s cult classic Alan Wake. Control has got sold over two million copies after it received critical acclaim in 2019. It even won Best Art Direction in 2019 and was nominated for many categories the same year.

The story revolves around after players step into the shoes of Jesse. A young woman who enters a secret Federal building in search of answers about her brother’s whereabouts. What she finds upon her arrival is confirmation of the supernatural, which opens the door to countless other mysteries.

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