Cooking Chef Beach Bistro-Tizen Game

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Cooking Chef Beach Bistro is the game for budding chefs. The developers of the game, HGames-ArtWorks s.r.o. has got all the ingredients (graphics, gameplay, idea) right.

The game offers you to become a chef which is operating a restaurant near the beach. Customers come to the restaurant and order some food. Now it’s up to you to deliver the tasty food. Customers have the option to order from a variety of dishes like snacks, meals, drinks and desserts.

You cook the food and serve the customers as they ordered. Customers pay you only if you prepared the meal as a recipe but if you miss any ingredient in the meal then you will not get paid. Another interesting game is Become a Puppy Groomer-for Tizen Mobiles.

Customers have the patience meter so you need to prepare food quickly. The game provides you different ingredients and fruits like tomato, onion, meat, bacon, salad, chips, melon, strawberry, cheese, kiwi, donuts, cucumber, ketchup and more.

To be a good chef in the game, you must have patience and multi-tasking skills.

Download the game and enjoy cooking.


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