Cyber Manhunt-A Brilliant Indie Game on Steam

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Indeed, this is a digital indie manhunt game, joined with an organization of brutality, enormous information, loss of security and other social issues, to the account of puzzle games.

A significant number of our plot settings allude to genuine occasions, so you can likewise see some natural figures from some character picture setting guides, and you can consider reality subsequent to playing the indie game on steam.

Subject Idea

During the interior correspondence, we found that when the Internet keeps on infiltrating individuals’ lives and quicken the transmission of data, a negative occasion can immediately spread all through the Internet.

In this cycle, sin will be uncovered and rebuffed, which will satisfy individuals; yet a few people will experience the ill effects of the Internet console man. At the point when these digital savagery keep on heightening, the outcomes regularly surpass the actual occurrence, and considerably more unpleasant and end valuable lives.

In this manner, we chose to grow a particularly game identified with the topic of “hacking”, “digital manhunt” and “protection information spillage”. We trust that players can assume the part of a programmer, and discover their protection privileged insights, similar to God controls the predetermination of others despite his good faith and witnesses their end. I trust that through this interaction, players can think and make their own correct decisions.

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Cyber Manhunt indie game on steam


Actualized some digital manhunt implies and coordinated them into our game:

·Web search

The player gathers fundamental data about the objective item through the program search work.


Utilize realized data to go into the information base. In the wake of sifting, maybe other data about the objective item.


Produce passwords dependent on the acquired objective individual data, and use it to sign in to accounts on different stages (counting email, social stages, talk programming, and so on)


Acquire the necessities, groups of friends, and so forth of the objective item, pick mask as per the data, and get more data by reaching the objective article

·Chat Routine

Subsequent to adding the objective item as a companion, play out a talk Routine to get data.

·Picture Analysis

Get important data and applicable signs from pictures.


Send phishing connections to attack the objective individual’s equipment gadgets (PC, cell phone), and acquire private data.

Further developed digital manhunt techniques will be opened later!

Ongoing interaction

·Highly Immersive

The player plays a programmer in the game, acknowledges the commission of an organization, and finishes digital manhunt episodes.

·Rich Gameplay

There are a ton of Social Engineering highlights in the game, likewise incorporate Reasoning, Tracking, Puzzles-Solving, Destroying and Invading and so on

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·Complex Story

The game will pass judgment on the great and evil of the player’s conduct. Various decisions will trigger the comparing plot course.

·Multiple Characters

There are numerous characters on the stage who has its own character attributes and obscure stories. You play a programmer to find the reality of the episode individually.

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