Danger Dash-Endless Runner Game For Tizen Mobiles

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Danger Dash is an endless adventurer running game where you play as different characters and run through different scenes. The gameplay is quite intuitive. You don’t need to get into the difficult controls. 

Its simple gesture based controls are very. It has been developed by GAMELOFT SE. They have developed hundreds of games so far. So you can expect the quality behind the game.

If you are a great lover of a runner or adventure games then this is the right game for you.  The game is full of intensity. It takes you into the scene. A great game on Tizen mobile makes it more tempting. 

Would You Like The Idea?

The idea of the game is not a new one. It has been tried and tested so many times on all the platforms. Tigers are trying to catch you and you, obviously, don’t want to get eaten up. So you run and run harder. You play as one of three characters who go through different scenes like JungleLost city and Mysterious Temple. Character slide and jump over the obstacles. Collects the Coins which can be used to buy the Power-Ups. On the course, the character can also collect the Boosts, available on the path. 

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I couldn’t go through all the levels and characters. I was not permitted to play beyond the 2 minutes. The full game may have all three characters. And I could have got the view of more scenes. 

Now let me tell you one thing about this game. And that is, this game is not totally free. It is a Demo version. If you wish to buy the full game then you can buy it for INR 75 and that is not a small amount for all of us. 

Initially when you download the game and try to play, you’ll be prompted to buy the game. The developers allow you to play the game only for 2 minutes. YES, you got it right. Only for 120 seconds and that is the major setback for the users. 

Apart from this, the gameplay is really nice. Controls are very intuitive as you just need to jump and slide through the obstacles. Run through different scenes make it more interesting. You get Boosts and power-ups, coins to use in the game. 

Would You Like Its Graphics?

Of course. The graphics are beautiful. The details in the clouds and in the temple. They are worth mentioning here. Developers have taken a good care of the environments to put details on everything. Now that is different, if your Tizen mobile doesn’t support high resolution graphics.

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How To Download

If you are interested to download this awesome game then you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. Just search for ‘Danger Dash‘ in the search box and download from the link.


So the summary is, the game Danger Dash is developed by prominent developers. This game is an endless runner game with more characters, more scenes and more fun. The game itself speaks about the efforts made to develop the game. If you like the game then you must buy the full version.


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