Dhanush Best Archery Game for Tizen Mobile

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Dhanush is a fun game developed by MetaDesign solutions. It comes under Action and Sports genre. One of the best archery game I have found. It is really a good option if you want to pass your time or getting bored. There are many other games also but I personally love it and I know many of you can relate to me after playing it.

This game is very easy to understand. Dhanush as the name suggests it is a archery game. You are provided with bow and arrow, with the help of it you have to target on dart above in the screen.

The Game

It is very simple yet amazing game. With the help of bow and arrow you have to target on the dart right at the center. On hitting the dart you get points based on the position where you hit the dart. Dart has two portions, one is the middle part which is red in color and second is yellow in color around the red part. More you hit the center more is the points you get and if you hit away from the center then less points are rewarded.
Dart keeps moving form left to right and right to left, you have to perfect your timing to hit the center of the dart to get the highest score possible. When arrow hit the red part you get five points which is maximum and as you go away from red part less than five points are rewarded based on the distance of arrow from the center. But it’s not that simple to score high. You get limited number of arrows to hit the target.

Minimum 10 arrows are provided, if you hit at the red part then number of arrow remain same and do not decrease but as you hit the yellow part or at the position other than dart, number of arrows decreases one by one and eventually becomes zero. In this limited number of arrows you have to score more and more. This gives you challenge of defeating yourself every time you play and makes it an endless game. It helps you test your skill in archery. The difficulty in pointing at the exact center of the dart makes this game more exciting and you didn’t get bored of it.

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The Game Graphics

Its graphics are very nice. You can easily target the dart. Dhanush features slick visuals and intuitive controls that you will love making it a must have on your phone. Its animation is very satisfactory and along with it on opening the game music is being played which makes you excited to play it. It have cool visuals that makes you love the game more and also have captivating gameplay concept which makes you addicted to it.

How to Download

This wonderful game can be downloaded on the Tizen Store but you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store.
Signup or login with your account on Tizen Store and just search for ‘Dhanush’ in the search box and download from the link. It will automatically be installed in your device.


Overall, playing dhanush is really fun and makes a good coordination between your eye and hand. I really love this game. Its gameplay is just near to addictiveness. If you like archery or games in which you have to target on something then this game is all perfect. It also doesn’t take much of your data and space to download. It is of just 1.62 MB which is one of the best things about this game. I’ll suggest you to download this game without thinking much and enjoy.

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