Dino Squad Multiplayer PvP Battle Game for Mobiles

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Dino Squad, a PvP based online mobile game, the main theme of this game being Dinosaurs and using them to survive in various battles.

Developed by PIXONIC, a video game developer company that is based in Russia and is best known for releasing the successful PvP game “War Robot“, in 2013 and now in 2020 came out with Dino Squad.

Currently available on both android and iPhone for free, it has all the requirements to be an excellent mobile battle game. With a variety of maps and dinosaurs to battle, this game is quite enjoyable and well made.

Dino Squad has been out for about three months and has more than 500k downloads, it’s only obvious that this game will further increase in popularity as time goes by.

Now let’s see what is so special about this game.

The Gameplay

The selling point of this Dino Squad is quite simple: Dinosaurs and PvP

Dino Squad is the dream game for all dinosaur fanatics, and that’s not just because of the theme of the game but because of the gameplay. It’s a third-person shooter game or TPS for short and has stunning visuals to boot.

In Dino Squad, players can have to prepare a squad of a maximum of 5 Dino’s each with their own special abilities, sizes, equipment, range of attack, health bar and more unique features.

The objective of the battles is very similar to capture the flag, in the sense that you have to use your Dino’s to capture different towers on the battlefield which are either free or already taken by your opponents.

The movement and gameplay are quite phenomenal and barely had any lag or glitch in it. All the Dinos are customizable and as you keep playing their level rises and so does their stats.

You can claim daily rewards and various other benefits from playing consistently. Despite having all these features in the game, Dino Squad still lacks in the user interface department due to the fact that it doesn’t have some key features required in online multiplayer games such as chatbox, inviting and playing with friends, along with a lack of record of all the matches played by you.

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Despite all of this in terms of just playing the game, it’s very enjoyable and engaging, so much so that you’ll end up spending hours on end on this game.

Graphics and Animation

Equipped with stellar visuals and animations, this game is absolutely fantastic and doesn’t lack anything in terms of its design.

With about 17 Dino’s, each one different from the other not just in their abilities and stats but also in their character design, PIXONIC really put the time and effort in the designing of the game. Ranging from the biggest of dinosaurs like the T-Rex all the way to a Velociraptor.

It’s not just the designs for the characters that are well made but also the designs of each battlefield are unique, this game has different maps each with their own hazards.

The movement and controls of the game are very smooth almost to the point it resembles the graphics and quality of PUBG mobile game.

All in all the game is an absolute blast in terms of its graphics and really is a key factor in this game’s success.

In-App Purchases

This game has barely any external ads that interrupt the game which is a very nice touch but that doesn’t mean this game doesn’t have in-app purchases. This game has a lot of in-app purchases, that allow you to buy various packages containing rare Dinos and other equipment, not only that, but you can also buy game currency using real money. You can use the game currency to buy better equipment and other items.

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Pros and Cons

This game is very well made and given a lot of attention to, hence it’s so enjoyable and engaging. However it also has a few downsides, let’s focus on what’s good about this game and what needs to be improved.


  • Stellar graphics and animations.
  • The theme of the game is all about Dinosaurs.
  • The gameplay is very easy to grasp and the tutorial isn’t a lengthy one.
  • Very big selection of Dino’s to choose from and keep the players engaged.


  • The game has no play with friends option and hence very boring after a while.
  • The game doesn’t offer much in terms of the amount you play as with the new update the game has become more pay to win than play to win. This has created a huge gap between those willing to spend money and those who aren’t. Due to this, the game is losing popularity.


Dino Squad has the potential to be the next best game in the mobile industry and PIXONIC has clearly outdone themselves both with their games.

This game is barely lacking in any department be it in the graphics or in the gameplay itself. I highly recommend this game to each and everyone out there who likes dinosaurs and PvP games.

Although it has some critical downsides and problems regarding multiplayer gaming, the developers are clearly trying to improve the game’s shortcomings with each update.

If you want to spend hours on end just enjoying action-packed fast-paced PvP battles, then Dino Squad is the game for you.

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