Diver Rush 3D-Tizen Mobile Game

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Diver Rush 3D game is a popular one on Tizen Store. It is in the top 13 Popular games and apps category to date. So I decided to play and review this action game

The game is developed by Vadim Gafton who has already developed more than 15 games on the Tizen Store. 

The Game

The game’s idea is very general. Your character is a diver and in order to clear the level, you have to collect few chests in the given time. If you can’t get those chests in time then you lose and restart the level.

No more options you have in the game. You play the same level again and again with only one change. That change is, chest count. How much chest you have to collect in that level. Only this parameter changes during the game. So don’t expect much of the excitement or new challenges. 

This could be ignored but the more annoying thing is its Game Engine. You send your diver forward by using joystick control on the screen but the diver doesn’t go straight in that direction. So the camera view also revolves and that makes it difficult to stick your eyes on the screen. 

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You can change diver’s depth by the joystick on the right side. But that is not of much use except going over the rocks and going low to get a chest.

So Diver Rush 3D game can’t be played for few levels just because of its lack of challenge and Game Engine

Game Graphics

The game seems to be just another entry on the Tizen Store. It lacks good graphics and animations which are the essential ingredient of a good game. Its graphics are just average. 

You don’t see any water animation. There are not enough water animals to create interest in the game. Graphics are really a disappointment.  

How To Download

If you are interested to download this awesome game then you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. Just search for ‘Diver Rush 3D‘ in the search box and download from the link.


The game is in the top 13 Popular games on Tizen Store and that prompted me to make a review of this game. But it failed to impress me. It’s not like that I’m criticizing this game but My job is to present a fair review to everyone.

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What are your views on this game? Do let me know.


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