Dying Light 2 Game Leaked Online

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A leaked image suggests that Dying Light 2’s Collector’s Edition box could be getting released sooner than what was planned. Dying Light 2 has a lot of high hopes, the sequel of the parkour zombie game. It surprised a lot of gamers back in 2015 and has been in development for quite some time now.

A lot of speculations were made, when nothing was shown for Dying light 2 asking whether the sequel will actually ever be launched. However, a new leaked image suggests the game might be released sooner than any gamer might think. Although, the story of Dying Light 2 didn’t have a smooth ride. There was a lot of news about the feud between Creative Director Adrian Ciszewski and the Narrative Director Chris Avellone. Both were fighting for creative control over the game. Thus, slowing the altogether development of the game. What made things worse, were the many Sexual Assault Allegation against Avellone. This forced the developer Techland to cut Avellone out in 2020.

All the above took Dying Light 2 out of it’s course thus delaying it indefinitely until the leaked images. The image was posted as part of a listing on Czech retailer Xzone, but it appears to have since been taken down. Although, “Indefinitely” got converted to “in this year” because techland has promised an update about the game in 2021.

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The Collector’s Edition includes a copy of the game, UV stickers and a UV flashlight, a steel book, an art book, a Secret Location’s map, postcards, and a large statue of protagonist Kyle Crane parkouring up a light post away from a zombie. All of this on PC, PS4, or Xbox One box. An Anonymous claim on Reddit said that it would be priced at €210.

But, everything is based on assumptions and rumors, which we hope are addressed soon by Techland.

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