Effie-Action Adventure Game on Xbox is Available Now

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Effie is an Action-Adventure Game 3D platforming on Xbox experience that joins activity and dreams in an open world. You will play as Galand, a man reviled with mature age, who will search for an approach to break his revile with the assistance of an amazing enchantment shield.

Hi everybody, my name is Javier Gerona and I’m a game designer at Inverge Studios. During the most recent couple of years, we have been working on this stunning venture that today shows up on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One gratitude to the cooperation with our companions from Klabater.

Effie is an experience for everybody. From the most fearless youths, who are hoping to find an energizing dream story, brimming with activity and difficulties, to the most veteran players, who will think back about exemplary platforming games.

Effie’s story

The game’s story centers around Galand, a man who has been reviled with mature age due to being excessively lethargic. The game starts when he shows up at the Temple of the Elder Protectors in the energetic red area of Oblena. There, a dim force has been released, attacking all the urban areas and settlements. Accordingly, Galand should find the detestable influencing the whole district — and stop it from the beginning.

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During the experience, Galand will experience a wide range of malicious animals: devils, demons, apparitions, beasts… however he will depend on Runestone, an incredible sorcery shield as a weapon to safeguard himself. Shield, guard… it bodes well, isn’t that right? In any case, that is not all! Our shield will likewise serve to crush all these abhorrent animals that have attacked Oblena.

Moreover, as we progress through the story, Runestone will open new abilities, which will permit us to perform new combos and arrive at places that we were unable to reach previously. Furthermore, it will likewise fill in as a methods for transportation… utilized as a hoverboard!

So… Will Galand figure out how to liberate all the urban communities from evil? Also, will he break his revile? What’s more, coincidentally… who is Effie? I could advise you, yet you’d most likely really like to discover for yourselves.

With everything taken into account, in the event that you like an Action-Adventure 3D platforming game on Xbox, you should give this new dream experience an opportunity.

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