Facebook-App For Tizen-Make New Friends

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Facebook app is an amazing social networking app. It is developed by Facebook itself. This app helps you connect your friends, family and other people across the globe.

You can chat and share your snaps with all your friends connected to you on Facebook. There are a lot more features in this app that you can enjoy. Read the full article to know about all the features of this app.

The Facebook App Interface

Facebook is a very popular social networking app these days. This app helps you connect to other people across the world and this doesn’t cost you any additional charges. You just need an internet connection (4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi) to stay connected with Facebook. You can share your snaps and memorable moments with all your friends without any interruption. Newsfeed helps you know what’s going on with your friends.

This is a place where you can show and express your feelings and emotions with all your friends. You can also share videos and moments which you want to show your friends. You can also share your information from birth to where you are now.

You can add your birth date, school, college, hometown, current city, relationship status and whatever you want to convey to others. There is also a privacy option so that you can only share your information with whomever you wish to.

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This a platform where you can find your old friends you are not in contact with you right now with just their name and whatever information you have.

Making New Friends with Facebook App

You don’t need phone numbers to connect with them. This is a good feature as sometimes people don’t want to share their phone numbers.
You can also log in and log out of your account to make sure that only you can use your account and not anyone else.

A very nice feature of this app is, you can login to your account with any device, not only yours. Once you have used your account log it out so that nobody else can go through your private account. You can also make groups and start a group chat with your friends and share any information, pics and videos in one go.

You can also send emojis and gif to express your feelings. You can also like the posts you like which your friends can see to know what you like. Just like that other people can also like and comment on your photos and videos and notification will be sent to you about all the activities on your account. This app is very simple and entertaining, you will definitely love it.

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How to Download Facebook App

This app can be downloaded on the Tizen Store but you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App link directly from its store.
Signup or login with your Samsung account on Tizen Store and just search for the ‘Facebook’ in the search box and download from the link. It’ll automatically be installed on your device.
This app is only supported in:
SM-Z130H, SM-Z300H, SM-Z400Y, SM-Z200F, SM-Z200M, SM-Z200Y and SM-Z400F.


Overall, this app is a very nice platform to connect with your old and far-away friends and family. You can also connect to unknown people to explore and know about people across the globe. It also doesn’t cost you money to use it. It just takes 3.72 MB to download this app. This is very less as this app helps you to connect people where ever they are in this world within seconds. Download this app now and explore the thinking and feelings of people around you.


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