Food Gang-An Online Multiplayer Game for iPhone iPad and Android Mobiles

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The Introduction

This newly released game app by Bloop games is likely to attract the ones who are crazy about fun fighting mobile games. Bloop Games is the creator who made this fun game, Food Gang, with adorable characters to amuse the users. And now has brought this entertaining game for the ones fond of virtual fun fighting games.

As the game is newly released, it is consequently not that well known to most of the users but is surely and steadily keeps on attaining users. After reading this review if you decide to play this game you’ll get introduced to 14 characters that are quirky in their own ways.

If you want to enjoy some fast action gameplay then this game is surely made for you. Moreover, you can have a quick look at the game’s video gameplay to know what all you can expect from the game. The game is available both on Android and iOS platforms.

The Gameplay of the Game

Primarily the game is about surviving till the end by firing other opponents with the help of your partner and trying not to be shot by the opponents. As and when the battle starts you need to save your fighter from getting killed by cleverly using the controls. The controls comprise left, right, up and down controls and are pretty easy to use, thus, the gameplay is quite easy to understand.

Additionally, a separate high jump button is also provided along with a weapon button to let the players know about the usage of the same. As you keep leveling up the game it lets you choose skills and fighters as per your choice.

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And as you go on you can unlock more than 50 wonderful skills for your fighters. The more stars you collect the more rewards you get. Users can definitely enjoy this action gameplay with completely random strangers every time they play. You can climb the Trophy Road and unlock various kinds of interesting awards and leagues.

Overcome the challenges to unlock more powers! There may be some modifications to gameplay. Also, modifications such as creating various modes can add more thrill and joy to the game and eventually increase the number of users.

The game runs quite smoothly while using, to put it together in another way, users will experience great quality when they play and the user will not face any kind of technical problems unless they have a good internet connection. The app is easily accessible to anyone at the AppStore and PlayStore.

In-App Purchases

This only includes a VIP Pass subscription that will permit users with an exclusive epic fighter + daily gifts in double + 20% discount on Fridges and remove all Ads.

Cancellation of the current subscription is not allowed once subscribed after free trial. If the user wants to cancel the subscription (free trial) then she/he must do 24 hours prior to the end of the trial in order to prevent from being charged.

The VIP Pass is not for the ones who can’t afford it. It’d be great if the VIP Pass is made available as a reward that could have surely attracted more users to play this game.

Pros and Cons


  1. The game is competitive enough to engage the users.
  2. Lovable characters.
  3. It has different weapons and avatars that would continue to engage the attention of the users.
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  1. The game doesn’t allow users to play with their friends. That is to say that you won’t be able to play this game with your friends.
  2. Every time you finish the battle, an ad always pops up to get a free fridge.
  3. The game doesn’t have seasons or modes that would have excited the users undoubtedly.

Graphics and Animation

The cartoon graphics and animation are splendid. Plus the adorable characters are so cute. They are likely to attract more users. The details and effects of the background to the fighters are beautiful.


All in all, the Food Gang will replenish you with entertainment and joy. You will get to see quirky adorable characters and their abilities. The fun brawl is enough to lure you to play this game. The gameplay is excellent except if modifications are made it could be more than excellent.

The graphics are beautiful including the adorable characters and backgrounds. The sound and effects are amazing. The quirky characters are on standby for you to play them. Although the game has some of the pros and cons, it is definitely worth trying As the app is easily available at the Play Store and AppStore and only requires 30 mb to download it.

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