Fortnite Gets a New Update

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Fortnite has more updates for the gamers, a whole bunch of Predator items, including the skin itself. The new look for Predators has been revealed in this update.

Fortnite is in that phase where there is always one active crossover going on. Pele Cup is one of the biggest crossover which starts today. Epic Games has teamed up with more than 20 football clubs around the world. The Kickoff Set can be won by participating in Pele Cup and will be added to the in-game store this weekend.

The crossover with the predator has also been in the news for a week or so. Since Fortnite is a child friendly game so this came as a surprise. A whole bunch of Predator items have been added to the game, including the Predator skin itself.

But for someone who knows about the Predator, it’s what under the alien helmet which is of concern. Predator allow the players to look under the helmet only to receive the most horrible scream which could scare away people easily. More about the Predator loot will be revealed over the weekend. Anyone with a season five Battle Pass will be able to do so.

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