Gear 5 gets ‘Skin Leaks’

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Gears of war 5 is up with some special updates. ‘The Coalition’ has been planning on putting some new changes. This included bringing new skins to the game. But to this 35 skins got leaked on social media and Reddit. All the skins are very fascinating, interesting and cool. The skins soon became viral amongst the people and everyone had started talking about these. Gears 5 is very famous between people and no news goes out of the hands of people. Though confirming that the leaked skins are actual or not was a tough task.  but nevertheless the official Gears of War Twitter account seemingly acknowledged the leak last night by posting the following meme – all-but confirming these skins are the real deal. .

We’ve got some Omega Squad, Hivebuster, Chrome Steel, Hollow Storm, Recon, Heroic and various others as character skins. But as of now meme does not confirm all the skins to be real but we can say some are the real ones. Which are these being what we don’t know. Guys which skins do you think are better and which are more nearly to be real do tell us your views.

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