Get Blue Chicken in Stardew Valley Game

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Stardew Valley game has a lot of creatures to procure, even blue chickens. Each creature gives a wide range of products the players can make a benefit off of.

Stardew Valley game

“Stardew Valley” chickens are perhaps the most essential livestock. Presumably, the kind of creature players will initially get when playing the Stardew Valley game. There are various assortments of chickens you can get, and here’s the manner by which you can get blue chickens.

Building a coop

Gamers should get a coop before they can claim and raise any chickens. A standard coop will cost them 4,000 gold, 300 wood, and 100 stone. When the assets are accumulated, they should be given to Robin at her shop in the northern piece of town. As reported by Steam Community.

Robin will at that point request to pick a location on the farm to construct the coop. It will take Robin three days to wrap up building the coop. Both white and earthy colored chickens can be purchased directly from Marnie.

Acquainting Shane

Become a close acquaintence with Shane is expected to open blue chickens. Blue chickens will open up to the gamers after they trigger Shane’s 8 heart occasion. The most straightforward approach to acquire Shane’s fondness is to give him brew that can be purchased in mass from Gus in the Saloon.

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On the off chance that they would prefer not to additional Shane’s drinking issue, they can likewise give him pizza, pepper poppers, or hot peppers. The previous of which is likewise accessible at the Saloon for procurement. He adores every one of them. However, in the event that they don’t wish to spend the cash on blessings, he additionally enjoys foods grown from the ground.

Shane’s heart events

In order to enact Shane’s heart occasions, there are times and areas that gamers need to observe. To get two hearts, Shane will enter the woodland south of the player ranch from 8 pm to 12 am, as indicated by PlayStarBound.

For four hearts, Shane enters Marnie’s farm, at some random season of day. To get six hearts, Shane enters the timberland south of the player’s ranch while it is pouring between 9 am and 8 pm.

And to acquire seven hearts, you need to enter Marnie’s farm when Shane is home in the wake of seeing the six heart occasions. Additionally, for section 2, they should enter the town while it is bright between 10 am and 4 pm. Emily and Clint should likewise have two hearts of love each for this occasion to trigger.

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To acquire eight hearts, gamers will enter Marnie’s farm while Shane is home.

Getting blue chicken

When Shane’s eight heart occasion has been set off, the blue chickens will authoritatively be accessible to gamers. From this second, every chicken purchased from Marnie or each chicken that is brought forth from a white or earthy colored egg has at any rate 25% to come out as blue, as indicated by Reddit.

The most ideal way they can get a blue chicken is to buy the chicken directly from Marnie. At the point when she requests that the player name the new chicken, there will be a notification at the highest point of the screen. This says the shade of the chicken that is being named. On the off chance that it isn’t blue, simply counterbalance the exchange in “Stardew Valley” and rehash until it says blue chicken.

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