GTA 5 MOD Brings PUBG Plane to Fly

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Modding people group are awesome things, right? In addition to the fact that they make new – and frequently senseless. Things conceivable in the absolute best PC games around. However they regularly make some cross-game blend we may never have considered sprung up, as well. Take another Grand Theft Auto 5 mod, for instance, that brings one of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ planes to Los Santos.

Modder Jamessays has posted another extra form. Their new PUBG C-130t plane mod for GTA 5 on the open-world game’s 5 Mods site. On the off chance that you need a boost. The C-130 plane is the vehicle used to drop the fight royale game’s 100 dropping players into PUBG’s island map. Thus, it’s non-useable. Indeed, as of recently.

Jamessays’ mod uses modder Hi2142’s ‘Philippine Air Force C-130T 1.0.2’ GTA 5 mod and re-skins it to add a skin precise to PUBG’s variant, just as “20x more wellbeing than [the] normal titan”. As you can see when you contrast the mod’s pictures with those of the PUBG make on its Gamepedia page. It would seem that a truly steadfast version, starting from the color to the image on its rudder.

Get your hands on PUBG’s paradrop plane and try it out, though it Los Santos as opposed to Erangel. You can snatch the mod at 5 Mods here. As could be, make certain to adhere to the modder’s guidelines to make it run easily, and mod with alert!

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In the interim, in case you’re an enthusiast of GTA V’s online friend, you should investigate what the most recent GTA Online week by week update brings (here’s a hint: some triple prizes and a ton of limits). There’s additionally another GTA 5 platform vehicle during the current week, which is the Vapid Dominator GTX – a treat in case you’re somewhat of a motorhead.


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