Guilty Gear Strive Launched New Game Trailer

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The new trailer for Guilty Gear: Strive is all set to be released by Arc System on April 9, 2021. The trailer is supposed to introduce the new fighting modes. The trailer is also set to give a preview of the offline game modes. This includes Story Mode, GG World, and Gallery Mode, and the Online Mode.

The Guilty Gear has given birth to many sequels although first released in 1998, it has come a long way. It has been adapting to manga and Audio dramas. Guilty Gear has always been liked by gamers because of it;s finesse. from amazing technical gameplay, graphics, soundtrack, to. characters. They feature their own distinctive mechanics which stand out individually.

The modes, waiting to get introduced are summarised below:

Tutorial Mode

Players will be guided through the essentials, including basic movements, combos and strings.

Arcade Mode

Players can view story related content that varies depending on performance and are allowed to recruit characters when they need help.

Mission Mode

Players are introduced to more refined mechanics, character interactions and match-up information as they tackle a variety of objectives. It also includes a map-based progression system that rewards players as they complete tasks.

Survival Mode

Players face off against CPU controlled characters until they run out of HP. Stronger adversaries may also appear as minibosses.

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Training Mode

Players can engage in individual scenarios, control the CPU, or practice combos, as well as queue online matches.

The creator of the series had developed the new game to make both non-gamers and modern style fighting gamers get hooked onto it. The game is set to be released for PS5, PS4, and PC via Steam on April 9. The Deluxe and Ultimate Editions will launch for PS5 and PS4 on April 6.

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