Hitman 3 Out Now!

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Hitman 3 is finally out on all platforms and it holds the conclusion of the World of Assassination Trilogy! To celebrate the launch of the game, an accolades trailer has been released.

Hitman 3 will see Agent 47 traveling to several new locations like Dubai, Dartmoor, Mendoza, etc. There will be more creative ways for the players to use the sandbox and kill their targets. The Camera Tool in this aspect would be a bonus, mainly to capture images or to say gain someone’s trust!

Available now for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. This newly released game can also be played for Nintendo Switch via Cloud. Though there were a lot of confusion in air and controversy regarding Hitman 2 levels not getting carried forward in Hitman 3 on PC, the issue has been resolved by IO Interactive. Although there are still some dirt to clean with huge number of players playing at a time but there isn’t anything the developers can’t fix!

The gamers can now finish the trilogy and enjoy the finale of the same, Happy Gaming!

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