Home Behind 2 Awesome Adventure Game on Steam

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Home Behind 2 is a Roguelike RPG that happens in Scaria. An adventure game available on Steam. A nation inundated in a common battle for a very long time. Lead an interwoven gathering of progressive contenders into the profundities of the public authority’s region. All this while you battle to oust a ruthless dictator system!

In-Home Behind 2, we travel 10 years in the past to Scaria. A country of the hero from our past story. Controlled by Akadullah, a fierce despot, residents of Scaria are starting to call for freedom and insurgency. As their voices developed stronger, uprisings started fanning out quickly the nation over.

Banan, a female undergrad concentrating abroad, has chosen to get back to her country to take part in the transformation. With assistance from Prince, a mixed specialist from the Norton Republic. Along with Haroun, the disrespected child of an ancestral pioneer, can you face the threats of western Scaria? Would you be able to dodge catch by Akadullah’s system and lead unrest? Scaria’s destiny settles upon your shoulders.

Play Home Behind 2, an indie adventure game available on Steam.

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