A Horror Indie Game on Steam-Firework

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There’s a new Horror Indie Game on Steam-Firework. Firework is an oriental awfulness puzzle game. The story happens in a far-off mountain town. A coincidental fire at the memorial service power the police to re-research a shut instance of slaughter.

Lin Lixun, newbie police, takes an interest in the re-examination by possibilities in this indie game. As the examination goes further, the past of the casualties progressively arises. In any case, the case turns out to be really baffling. Is it a powerful marvel, or an explained murder?

firework horror indie game on steam


  1. You can encounter the oriental climate of the Chinese town and furthermore feel the chill deep down.

2. There are numerous Easter eggs from a specific timeframe in China which is a significant piece of the memory for our age.

3. The nostalgic watercolor style alongside the distressing and unusual air will review the time in your youth when you were watching a blood and gore film around evening time unexpectedly.

4. This game seeks after the hidden portrayal of oriental loathsomeness. There are no hop alarms, no spot to stow away under and you can scarcely see any apparitions in this game, yet you can feel the ghastliness twirling around.

5. This is an exciting and obscure investigation. You will follow the means of the hero to uncover reality under the misfortune.

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6. This is likewise a story with oriental otherworldliness and authenticity. It is odd, yet it might happen someplace in this world.

7. The sensitive account makes the tension layers stack up. You may think you know the reality, however unexpectedly the fog will obscure everything once more.

8. Everybody assumes a little part in the evolving scene, be that as it may, everybody is the saint of their own story.

9. Each character in the game is significant. You will become more acquainted with them, get them, and offer their delights and distresses.

10. The riddle configuration is in a sweet spot, it will not be excessively troublesome, but on the other hand, it’s trying.

11. The game joins riddles and stories together in an extremely viable manner to make the story much really fascinating.

The new horror indie game on steam Firework has received amazing positive responses.

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