Idle Boxing Best Game for Android Mobiles

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Idle Boxing Android Game Fight Screen

Idle Boxing by Michal Walaszczyk is one of the best boxing game for Android that revolves around tapping repeatedly to fight different boxers and win championships.

Released on 16th June 2020, this game is available for both Android and Apple for free. This game has been becoming more and more popular and has over a hundred thousand downloads already.

Idle games have been becoming more and more popular due to how simple and addictive their concept is, and one can go on playing them for hours on end. Of course, this game is no exception, once you start playing Idle Boxing you won’t be able to stop playing. It’s one of the best sports games on Android.

Despite the simplicity of the game, it’s equipped with a multitude of features and aspects that make the game much more engaging and addictive.

Let’s see what these are, shall we?

The Gameplay

Idle Boxing Android Game Power Up

First of all, is the gameplay, idle games are probably the easiest to understand how to play because the controls are only tapping repeatedly to clear the objectives provided.

Idle Boxing works on a very similar concept, this game is about boxing and as such in order to throw punches you have to tap on the left and right side of the screen. The speed of the punches will depend on how fast you tap, but this is where this game becomes even more engaging and interesting, punches thrown by you can be missed and you have to keep upgrading your character to keep winning. That makes the game the best boxing game for android.

So far there are about 33 bosses and each boss has different special powers, in order to fight a boss you have to beat a certain number of minions which varies for different bosses. You can even hire trainers who give you certain stat boosts, along with that you can even equip your character with gloves that provide special stat boosts.

After defeating a certain number of bosses you can improve the fighting ring and shift it to another place, this increases the revenue earned after each victory against both minions and the bosses.

The user interface is very easy and efficient, for example, the language, settings, and various other options are available all throughout the gameplay, meaning you don’t have to leave any matches to change any settings which is a very nice touch.

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Idle Boxing Interesting Gameplay

Certain bosses have special power-ups that can be used by your character once you defeat the boss, and not just the power up but also the outfits of the defeated boss become available to you, but you can only a maximum of two power-ups at a time. As you keep defeating bosses, your character will start puffing up and become stronger and stronger.

Another interesting feature about this game is once you go offline, your character continues to fight and earn revenue so when you reenter the game you receive idle cash, for the time that you weren’t online for.

The currencies used in this game are coins and gems, coins are used to improve the stats of your character whereas gems are used to hire trainers, and buy gloves.

With more bosses and Boxing rings to come, with more updates, this game is looking extremely promising. This game also provides a feature “Prestige”. which resets the game to the starting position but you retain all your money, equipment, power-ups, and trainers but lose the progress in exchange for an income bonus, which allows you to earn more money in the same period of time.

All in all, this game has a lot of features that engage the players and keeps them entertained despite not having much functionality other than tapping. Players can keep at this game for hours on end without getting bored. It also helps de-stress.

Graphics And Animation

Idle Boxing Android Game Fight Screen 2

Idle Boxing, this game has very colorful and funny looking characters and outfit designs. That plays extremely well with the silly concept of just tapping to play the game.

Its design, despite being very bouncy and disproportionate, is very enjoyable to watch and is soothing for the eyes.

Now the animation for this game, although the concept of the game is just tapping. The punches and power-ups look really good and convincing in the game. Not only do they look good, but also feel very good too. This makes users keep on tapping to no end and keep playing this best boxing game for android.

This game is very well drawn and animated to look as convincing as it can get, and really focus on the idle tapping criteria of the game.

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In-App Purchases

Idle Boxing does have in-app purchases. This is for buying gems or equipment that can otherwise be obtained by grinding for extended periods of time. Although there are exclusive outfits that can be only obtained through buying them.

Pros And Cons of the best boxing game for android

Now that we have gone over all the important aspects of the game, now let’s group all the good points and what can be improved and what needs to be removed.


  • It provides the user with a lot of different features in exchange for a lack of functionality, in terms of controls.
  • Extremely addictive and engaging.
  • Provides the players with a chance to hire trainers, change outfits, upgrade a character, and so much more.
  • Very easy to understand and very well designed.


  • This game doesn’t require any thinking or cognitive function, meaning it doesn’t require any planning or strategizing.
  • It’s fun for a while but once you get bored of it. It’s very hard to get back into the game.
  • The game is constantly interrupted by advertisements, which usually are videos and often interrupt the flow of the game.


Idle Boxing is an extremely addictive and enjoyable experience. You must try it at least once if you’re into mobile games. It all makes this game one of the best action game on Android and the App Store.

It has a lot of colorful designs and the gameplay isn’t bad either. Perhaps the bouncy designs and animation aren’t to everyone’s liking but it manages to engage its audience nonetheless.

Highly recommend this game, not only because it’s fun but because it’s also an offline game. That means once you, this game can be played anywhere and anytime without the need for the internet. It’s the best boxing game for android.

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