Indie Game on Android-Tiny Robot Recharged

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Snapbreak’s new indie game on Android is called the Tiny Robot Recharged has been winning hearts. This adventure escape game is full of puzzles and quizzes.

The story of this adorable puzzle game is that the bad guy built his super-secret but advance laboratory next to the park. Now it’s all fun and games until the villain tried to interfere and take away the friends.

On top of that, god knows what’s cooking inside the laboratory! What horrendous experiments are being run inside that high-tech lab of his? There’s only one way to free the friends, solve the mysteries as you go on.

Indie Game on Android Tiny Robot

This indie game has 40 levels and all of them are absolutely free. The gamers will be allowed to solve a series of puzzles and riddles and they get tougher as the level go up a tier.

The game has amazing graphics and 3D Art and visual effects. That keeps the gamers hooked onto for hours. Talking about the sound, this game’s sound score is at par, with sounds giving effects that could take the gamers on to the other world virtually.

What’s new is the update that provides endless battery if the gamers decide to the mega pack. Although there’s more to the mega pack, it unlocks all the levels at once.

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It also allows more time per battery. Furthermore, it allows gamers to play ad-free which I am sure is less distracting and disturbing. As the new updates been released, more and more positive reviews have come from gamers.

More problems have been fixed. There’s no loner excessive heating of the phone when playing high quality. It gives the best experience of this Indie Game on Android


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