iOS Game Review-About Love and Hate 2

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The route back in the fall of 2012 engineer Black Pants Game Studio delivered their presentation title on iOS. A rationale puzzler called About Love, Hate, and the Other Ones ($1.99). Here’s the iOS game review about Love and Hate 2. It was a tale around two characters, one named Love and one named Hate. Who coincidentally transport themselves into an abnormal world by squeezing a major red catch. To be reasonable, who wouldn’t press a major red catch on the off chance that they ran over it? At its generally fundamental, the game is tied in with getting either Love or Hate to the enormous red catch toward the finish of each level. With the capacity to trade what character you’re controlling on the fly.

Levels of Love, hate and the other ones 2

These levels are loaded up with other bizarre characters as well. And keeping in mind that playing as Love you can order the Other One to stroll towards you. Keeping in mind that playing as Hate you can repulse the Other One away from you. While there can be a few varieties to these fundamental mechanics via the exceptional capacities of the Other Ones. You’ll for the most part need to coordinate the Other Ones out of a level to places that permit either Love or Hate. In order to securely make it to the enormous red catch each time. The rationale puzzle configuration is strong. The game is enchanting as all hell with its character plans, movements, sounds, and minimal vivified cutscenes.

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The first About Love, Hate, and the Other Ones was a portable puzzler from a more straightforward time. You could simply surrender a couple of bucks in return for a lot of very much created levels and that was that. No, every day sign-in rewards, no consumable extraordinary things, no large number of levels with lopsided trouble spikes. Fortunately, About Love and Hate iOS review, 2 is cut from that equivalent fabric and it’s so invigorating to get a game at a solitary set cost. With a solid measure of testing levels and the sort of clean and appeal that can just come from an engineer who is energetic about their art. Return an outing to “Bygone times” of versatile gaming with About Love and Hate 2.


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