Kart Rider Rush+Best Mobile Racing Game Android iPhone

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For the ones into racing games this new version of KartRider Rush+, you are likely to download and play this after you review it. KartRider Rush+  is a racing game developed by Nexon, a company currently based in Japan and formerly in South Korea. Many may not have heard of it, but the crazy racing kart riders program is a well-liked franchise in South Korea.

The newly released KartRider Rush+ is much like the Mario kart but the better version of it. The game also provides players with an excessive number of modes to unlock and enjoy them. A customization is an option as the app is loaded with in-app purchases to amuse the users. KartRider Rush+, the new version is startlingly enough to give competition to other kart racer apps.

Playing this game will put you in a question with yourself and make you choose this new version. From the video preview, the viewers/gamers can get an idea as to what all they can expect from the game along with its amazing features and different kart racers /avatar. This app lets you play in real-time with an authentic multiplayer system and with that the win would not be based on luck rather for the players win can be satisfying.

The various modes such as Speed Races, Story Mode, Ranked Mode and Arcade Mode are enough to engage you. One promising feature will be every time you play the better is the experience. For the good experience to get you also need to make sure that you have a good internet or wi-fi connection to avoid any error as it is an online multiplayer game.

Story Mode

The story mode completely occupies the interests of players in the game when they learn about character backstories. Plus it has many levels that continue the story until the end of each theme. The story mode starts off with Lodumani when he drives off with a bunch of turbo crystals and the player will challenge him to return them back if you defeat him.

The Gameplay of the Game

The game rules, challenges and overcoming them and the plot are astounding. Basically it’s about maintaining your position by how you can complete drifts around each corner so that you can earn a booster or nitro and hence maintaining your position at the lead of the game.

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The game treats every player equally in case if you crash into walls or fall off the racing track or drive towards the wrong direction. Moreover, the multiplayer system works as an online matchmaker which enables you to play with strangers.

Kart Rider Rush+ Android Game YouTube Gameplay Video

Furthermore, you can also enjoy playing this game with your friends or you can play in solo mode as well. The controls come with precise buttons including right and left control and also a drift button along with a map that lets you know the position of your competitors and not rather with the swipe controls.

The control is pretty easy to learn once you go through the tutorial. Also, tutorials are provided from time to time. You’ll surely get exciting rewards as soon as you level up and also when you complete the missions. The rankings will keep you competing for head to head with other racers.

In-App Purchases

The store is filled with amazing purchases as such you’ll get to purchase new and exciting things from the hot pick, for eg: Foodie sctootie, Farmer girl buns, Daily costume for your character. Also from daily hot picks, you can purchase different things. Many options are available for you to buy for karts that make karts look different.

Lodumani, Ethen, Tiger Dao are the racers that you can purchase. You can also buy different outfits for the characters that include spray, caps, shades, etc. You can also buy exciting things from the options given that are accessories or items or from trade.

Usability of the App

The app runs without any glitches and technical problems, having a good WiFi or internet connection is necessary for the app to run. It is easily accessible and available at the play store and app store. 5M+ people have downloaded this game and are rated for all ages to play. Also, it has received 3.8 stars plus 1.3 GB is required to download the app.

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Not to mention, the extremely adorable racers of the game that you play come with different personas that also have outfits, pets, karts, etc and other upgraders. On the other hand, the graphics cannot be any more brilliant. The details and effects of the background to the racer’s avatar and his cart are amazingly and beautifully done and have real feels. In addition, you’ll also have a voice guide to guide you whenever necessary. 

Pros and Cons


  1. The game has tons of interesting and different features including cute characters and great controls.
  2. It doesn’t really require you to spend real money.
  3. It is multiplayer which means you get to enjoy the game with your friends.
  4. Runs smoothly without any glitches if the internet connection is good.
  5. Has brilliant graphics and animation.
  6. More exciting and engaging for the users to do better.


  1. Although the game can be very interesting as it seems by looking at it but has a con which I feel is that whenever you log in you get to see many different additional buttons with red-colored dots signaling that it has something new that may lead you to lose your enthusiasm to play. Instead of this, it would be great to receive daily missions and then the rewards after the completion of the missions.
  2. The other thing on which I would like to throw light on is the background sound. It will be great if there’s good music while playing the game. Putting background music will let users have more of a good time. 


With no doubt the users will have quality time playing the game due to brilliant graphics and gameplay too and that the game has a sense of winning. This game’s amazing features would amaze anyone who plays it, that too the very first time for anyone who plays it.

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