Live Wallpaper Lock Free App for Tizen Mobiles

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snowfall trees on mobile screen

beautiful nature scene

Live Wallpaper Lock is a really very cool app. It is developed by Anup Khushwaha. It is a lock screen app with so many beautiful live animated wallpapers. This app is very secure and also makes appealing to your eyes every time you see your mobile. 

Read the full article to know more features of this amazing screen lock app.

The App Interface

collection of nature wallpapers

option in app

Live Wallpaper Lock is an amazing app lock and screen lock app with its beautiful and charming wallpapers. To make your phone or app secure you can use this trustworthy app. Along with security it also makes your phone look more beautiful with its beautifully animated wallpapers. There are three wallpapers available in this app and all the three wallpapers are very beautiful. 

First one is Snow. In this one a beautiful scenery of snow fall is shown. Along with the picture, animated snow fall is also shown which will give a soothing effect to your eyes and mind. Second one is Aquarium. In this one there is a view of deep sea bottom with corals and fishes. Fishes and bubbles are animated and move on your screen giving an amazing look. Third one is Rain. In this live wallpaper rain drops are animated and it looks like as if rain drops are falling on your screen. 

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There are many other features also available in this app. There are many options to lock your screen like, slide to unlock, pattern unlock and pin unlock. You can use any of these to secure your phone according to your convenience. There are many other options also, such as, Lock status, it allows to show your mobile status while your screen is lock. You can also show screen off button on the screen with the option show screen off buttonApp list option is used to select the apps which you want to lock down and make it secure. 

According to your wish you can enable the animation and particles in live wallpapers and also can stop them. This a very nice option available to save your battery. Although it doesn’t use much of your device’s battery. If you just want to lock the app or screen and don’t want to put these live wallpapers you can also put your system’s wallpaper with the option use system wallpaper. You can also use your system’s font with the help of option use system font. According to your wish you can make the lock pattern visible or invisible with the help of option make pattern visible

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You can also change the speed and number of particles with the options particle speed and particle count respectively. One the lock screen date, time and day is shown. You can change the clock format to 24 hours or 12 hours clock according to your wish with the option 24-hour clock. You can change anything in this app according to your will.

How to Download

This amazing app can be downloaded on the Tizen Store but you have to some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App link directly from its store.

Signup or login with your Samsung account on Tizen Store and just search for the ‘Live Wallpaper Lock’ in the search box and download from the link. It’ll automatically be installed on your device.


Overall, this app is perfect for securing your mobile phones and apps along with its beautiful live wallpapers. You also will be provided with so many features. The best thing is that battery usage is very low. It requires only 8.64 MB to download. So download this app today and make your phone secure.


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