Modern Counter Attack Action Game for Tizen Mobiles

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Modern Counter Attack is an awesome game. It is developed by Integer Production. This game comes under the Action genre. Those who love shooting and action games, this is just made for you. It is one of the best action games that I discovered soo far.

You get the chance to fight, as a part of the army against the terror in the country. You have to shoot down all the terrorists and become a legendary armed force.

This game with all of its 3D animations, makes you feel the real threat and thrill. This game offers a lot of features. Read the article and know more about this wonderful game.

The Gameplay

Modern Counter Attack is a 3D game. In this game, you are a fighter, from army force and you have to find all the terrorists and shoot them with powerful guns. At first, after downloading the game you will get a welcome reward, 1000 coins.

You are provided with a map to understand your missions. At every level, you are given a mission that you have to complete to cross the level. You will get rewards for killing the terrorists. For headshots, you will get extra coins.

There are many different types of powerful guns with their unique features. You can purchase them with the collected coins. On the screen, there are many features available that will help you complete the mission successfully.

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There is an option of switching the guns so that you can select the best gun to shoot them according to your wish. Then the next option is for reloading the gun, which you will require for shooting. The other next option is to help you know your magazine count. Then next is to know your grenade count.

The other two options are for your shooting positions, crouch and jump. Then at the right the last corner, you have Sniper mode for shooting accurately. At the middle bottom position, you can see your health status.

There is a joystick which helps you move smoothly wherever you want to go. To look around you can simply swipe the screen to left and right. You can also check the number and position of the enemies on the left top corner, which will help you be alert while playing.

Everything looks very realistic and will make you enjoy the game more.

The Game Graphics

The graphics of this game is superb and looks very real. Sound effects and the realistic 3D environment makes you feel the real threat and thrill of fighting the terror. The animation of the game is very cool. The gameplay is really awesome.

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How to Download

This wonderful game can be downloaded on the Tizen Store but you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store.

Signup or login with your Samsung account on Tizen Store and just search for ‘Modern Counter Attack’ in the search box and download from the link. It will automatically be installed on your device.

This game is supported in SM-Z130H, SM-Z300H, SM-Z400Y, SM-Z200F, SM-Z200M, SM-Z200Y and SM-Z400F.


Overall, Modern Counter Attack is an amazing game where you get the chance the becoming the hero of your nation and protect your country from terror. You will feel the real enjoyment and thrill of fighting with enemies with powerful guns and grenades.

The game size is also not much. It just takes 115.03 MB which is very less for such type of realistic and entertaining game. So download it now and experience the pride and pleasure of saving the life of your country people.


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