Moto Bike Hill Racer Nitro 3D-Tizen Mobile Game

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So this is a bike racing game developed by HGames-ArtWorks. They have developed more than 75 games on Tizen Store. You can also search their games on other platforms too.

Moto Bike Hill Racer Nitro 3D game is targeted for those who love racing games. I’m too a fan of this genre and that led me to download and review this game. But sadly saying, this game has few bugs that frustrated me a lot. 

The game could be a much better game if some of its annoying things are removed. I’ll write good and bad both things of this game. Read this full review to get a better idea.

The Game

You get the option to choose your biker from 13 bikers. All of them have different costumes which make the game a good racing game. You can select your bike from 3 available bikes. But all of these are available for a few coins. 

These coins can be earned during the game. After that, 18 various levels are in the game to enjoy which are already unlocked. When you see these options, you assume that it’ll be a nice game.

The game has to be a nice game if not amazing. The gameplay of the game spoils the action. The game’s glitches come into play as you start a level. 

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This racing game has been in Top Charts on the Tizen Store. But is that enough to download a game?

First of all, its controls are not that smooth. They get stuck sometimes and don’t respond. Due to this problem, biker doesn’t turn as the road turns. 

And secondly, sometimes when biker hits the mountains on the sides, it again gets stuck there. Whatever you do, it is almost impossible to get out of that. Unless there is some hidden trick which only the developers know. There should be some update coming up in the near future.

The next thing which I want to bring in front of my readers is: I don’t see any map of a level which can guide me through the track. There is no indicator which can tell me the track length.

The Game Graphics

3D graphics used in this game are nice as you can see a lot of details in the environment. Animation and sounds are fine but you can definitely miss the background music track. It could add some more excitement to the game.

The game engine is doing its job properly except a few glitches which ruin the enjoyment of the game.

How to Download

If you are going to downloading this game on the Tizen Store then you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. Just search for ‘Moto Bike Hill Racer Nitro 3D‘ in the search box and download from the link.

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In Short

Overall this game has all the contents for a great game if some issues to be solved. But at the moment if I had to suggest this game to my friends then I’ve to think twice as it lacks essential tricks. The game needs to improve a lot if it wants to have some network effect. 

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