Myths N Heroes-Tizen Mobile Game

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Myths N Heroes is a simple action game which falls in the genre of Idle games. Now, this is the new kind of genre which is rapidly growing. In this genre, the game goes on without much involvement from the player. 

The player just needs to manage the revenue streams generated from the game. The player just focuses on upgrades and new creations. 

This game lets you fight against the giant Monsters and upgrade Hero and its Allies. The concept of the game is really exciting.

The game is developed by AntPixal Studio.

Would You Like The Game Idea?

When I first downloaded Myths N Heroes game, it seemed a just another action game but as I put my hands on it, it proved that it may be simple but not to be ignored. The game idea is simple but at the same time, it is addictive

You play as a Hero that is on the journey of killing the deadly Monsters who want to finish off the whole world. On the way, the Hero faces the giant Monsters and kill them. 

Every level has 10 Monsters and a Boss. You get few coins after killing a Monster and then you can summon an Ally. An Ally is another Hero that comes along the main Hero. You can summon up to 8 Allies from the Allies Tab

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You can upgrade the Hero and the Allies with your collected coins. Moreover, you can also Shop to get instant Gold, Kills and more in the game. Hero’s life is not impacted by the Monsters except Boss. So there is not any worry to keep tapping on the screen to kill the Monsters. Just Boss needs your attention.

Would You Like Its Graphics?

Graphics are nice. Detailed bit graphics looks really amazing. If I ignore the animations in the game, then the graphics area is impressive. Only concern is, what I believe is, if there had more detailed animations then the game could have a mind-blowing experience.

Why Should You Download The Game?

The game genre is in trends. If you haven’t played games of Idle genre then you must try it once. The game’s addictiveness is simply going to blow your mind. If you think that this genre is new and you have to learn new controls or something like this then keep in your mind that you don’t need to learn anything new in this game.

You just have to Tap and Tap and Tap. Nothing else. Killing the monster, just tap. Upgrading the Heroes, just tap. No brains required for this game. 

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How To Download

If you are interested to download this awesome game then you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. Just search for ‘Myths N Heroes‘ in the search box and download from the link.


So this is the Idle game. You don’t need to make any strategy to play this game. By just tapping, you can play this game. Its simple gameplay will keep you hooked. Upgrade Hero and its Allies, get more Magic, Shop for more exciting power-ups

Overall, its a must try game for its gameplay


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